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New Poems (2004 - 2005)

• Everything explains what Oliver hopes to accomplish with her poetry. She explains her desires in writing.
• In Everything, Oliver says she will avoid embellished wording as she prefers simpler words like joy, soon, heavy and heart.
• Oliver hopes to honor faith and vision in her poem, Everything.
• In Work Sometimes, Oliver starts out sad and depressed. She is at a desk looking at stacks of paper and work.
• In Work Sometimes, Oliver sees the rain falling outside and smells the fragrant flowers.
• At the end of Work Sometimes, Oliver gets up and goes outside, running for her life. She is happy now.
• Mysteries, Four of the Simpler Ones, shows Oliver asking questions about some items. The first is how a grain of seed feels to turn into wheat.
• The second and third questions in Mysteries, Four of the Simpler Ones, are about eggs. The catbird's...

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