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Short Answer Questions

1. Who collapses on the sidewalk by Richard and his fiancee?

2. What is the feast at the Court made of?

3. What kind of creature is Richard fighting in his dream about the sewer?

4. What special knack does the woman in leather have?

5. How is Croup told to bring Door in when he captures her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Stockton unveil, and why is this so significant?

2. How does the Earl tell Door she can get to Islington?

3. Why does Door decide to go back and help Richard after leaving him in the marketplace?

4. What do Croup and Vandemar do while Richard and Door are with Islington?

5. What does marquis trade for a train schedule, and what is special about it?

6. What worries Hunter so much when Door starts to go Above?

7. What disapoints Richard when he first sees the train in the Below?

8. What do Croup and Vandemar do after scaring Door in the museum?

9. What new orders is Croup given after he kills Varney?

10. What is done for Door when she is injured after she gives her request before fainting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is the Great Beast of London killed, and what significance does this event have on the main characters in this book?

Essay Topic 2

Some of the names from this book were very symbolic and carefully chosen. What are some of these names, what did they symbolize, and how did this significance alter the plot and affect their character?

Essay Topic 3

Memory is a huge theme in this book as those who cross to the world below are forgotten by the world above. Which characters are most affected by this theme, and how does it change their behavior and actions within in the plot?

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