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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What warning does Grograman give Bastian about the Temple?
(a) If Bastian's wish is unclear, he could get lost inside The Temple forever.
(b) The Temple is located in a far off land.
(c) A great wolf guards The Temple.
(d) Nobody has ever come out of The Temple alive.

2. Bastian finds a picture of a man encased in a wall of what?
(a) fire
(b) ice
(c) rock
(d) glass

3. When Bastian learns that the Amarganthians are storytellers, how does he help them?
(a) He asks Falkor to use his luck to allow them to create new stories.
(b) He tells a story about a public library full of books, which comes true.
(c) He writes down all the stories that he can remember.
(d) He tells them stories of his life back home.

4. How does Bastian escape the Shlamoofs?
(a) Blubb rescues him.
(b) Atreyu and Falkor rescue him.
(c) Moon Child rescues him.
(d) The Shlamoofs leave on their own after a while.

5. What does the Empress ask the Old Man to do?
(a) write a new end to the book
(b) burn the book
(c) read the book
(d) give her the book

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bastian do with Sikandra?

2. What type of animal is the Many-Colored Death?

3. Xayide claims that her will is strong enough to do what?

4. How is the picture that Bastian finds destroyed?

5. How does Xayide die?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Atreyu's meeting with the Empress.

2. Describe the relationship between Bastian, Falkor and Atreyu after Xayide joins their ranks.

3. What happens when the group finally reaches the Ivory Tower?

4. Who is the Old Man of Wandering Mountain and why does the Empress try to find him?

5. What happens when Bastian spends the night in Grograman's castle?

6. What story does Bastian tell the people of Amarganth and how does it help them?

7. What does Bastian find that the people of Amarganth like to do and what problem do they have with their hobby?

8. Why does Bastian finally speak Moon Child's name?

9. Why does Bastian get rid of his mule, Yikka and how does he try to make it up to her?

10. Who are the Know-Nothings?

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