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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Atreyu do in order to get his first sight of the nothing?
(a) climbs a tree
(b) puts on a special pair of glasses
(c) climbs a mountain
(d) goes into an open meadow

2. Cairon, one of the doctors, returns from examining the Empress with a medallion called what around his neck?
(a) Auryn
(b) Artren
(c) Artax
(d) Auldren

3. Why does Bastian say that the other children like to tease him?
(a) He is ugly.
(b) He is too tall.
(c) He stutters.
(d) He makes up stories.

4. Falkor, the luckdragon, overheard the spider and wished himself where?
(a) to the Southern Oracle
(b) to the Swamps of Sadness
(c) to the Grassy Ocean
(d) to the Ivory Tower

5. What fact does Bastian learn about Atreyu that he can relate to?
(a) Atreyu loves to play games.
(b) Atreyu is a hunter.
(c) Atreyu's favorite color is red.
(d) Atreyu is an orphan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bastian think about as the clock strikes one?

2. Where is Atreyu approached by bark trolls?

3. How does Bastian feel about his home life?

4. How is Bastian's father's outlook and attitude described in the prologue?

5. Bastian feels like his father pays no attention to him ever since his mother died because of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Ygramul the Many?

2. Explain how Bastian's father became so distant.

3. What is the mission that the messengers of Fantastica are on, as the first chapter opens?

4. Describe the book that Bastian finds in the store.

5. What happens after Atreyu is transported to the Oracle?

6. Why does Bastian admit to Mr. Coreander that his schoolmates tease him?

7. How does Bastian feel about himself in the prologue?

8. Describe the death of Atreyu's horse, Artax.

9. Describe the owner of the bookstore where Bastian hides.

10. When Bastian is very hungry, after reading about Atreyu eating rotten food in the ghost town, describe who he thinks of and why.

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