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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bastian think his father will take Bastian's leaving?
(a) Bastian thinks his father will miss him immediately and start searching for him.
(b) Bastian thinks his father will notie, but go on with his life after a while.
(c) Bastian wonders if his father will even notice he's gone.
(d) Bastian thinsk his father will kill himself without Bastian.

2. What is Bastian's last name?
(a) Bux
(b) Buck
(c) Buckingham
(d) Bollox

3. How is the store owner described?
(a) boring
(b) friendly
(c) irritable
(d) helpful

4. Where is Atreyu approached by bark trolls?
(a) The Singing Tree Country
(b) The Grassy Ocean
(c) The Silver Mountains
(d) The Howling Forest

5. What startles Bastian, at the end of chapter 10?
(a) Thunder booms outside.
(b) He is caught hiding in the attic.
(c) He sees the Empress.
(d) He sees Falkor.

Short Answer Questions

1. To reach Uyulala, one must pas through how many gates?

2. How quickly does the spider's poison work?

3. What does Bastian think about as the clock strikes one?

4. Snakes form an oval on the cover of the book by doing what?

5. What does Bastian do once he is safely hidden in the school.

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain how Bastian winds up with the book in his possession.

2. Explain why the book appeals to Bastian so much.

3. Describe the death of Atreyu's horse, Artax.

4. What is Cairon, the 500th doctor's mission?

5. What is the mission that the messengers of Fantastica are on, as the first chapter opens?

6. How does Bastian feel about himself in the prologue?

7. Who is Uyulala?

8. Explain how the geography of Fantastica works.

9. Describe Atreyu's recurring dreams.

10. What question does Atreyu ask the four Wind Giants and what happens as a result?

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