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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Argax tells Bastian that his only hope of getting home now is to cross The Sea of what?
(a) Mist
(b) Salt
(c) Blood
(d) Tears

2. What is Yikka?
(a) a mule
(b) a tribal dance of the Argamanthians
(c) a food
(d) a city

3. Atreyu wakes up after The Princess leaves, and finds himself where?
(a) in a cave
(b) on a mountain
(c) in the Grassy Ocean
(d) in the real world

4. As the clock strikes 12, Bastian calls out the Empress' name and what happens?
(a) An egg opens.
(b) Atreyu arrives in the attic.
(c) Lightening strikes the attic.
(d) The Empress arrives in the attic.

5. Falkor is too sad to do what?
(a) talk
(b) sleep
(c) fly
(d) believe in luck

6. Who lives in the Star Cloister?
(a) The Monks of Knowledge
(b) The Monks of Mercy
(c) The Priests of Punishment
(d) The Priest of Pride

7. Why does Bastian admit that he waited so long to help the Empress?
(a) He didn't want to get trapped in Fantastica.
(b) He couldn't think of a good new name for The Empress.
(c) He didn't realize that he was the savior of Fantastica.
(d) He was afraid that she wouldn't like how he looked.

8. What does The Empress tell Bastian to do in order to recreate Fantastica?
(a) return the book to the book store
(b) read the book backwards
(c) make wishes
(d) write a new ending to the book

9. What are the Acharis later called?
(a) Clamoofs
(b) Gopoofs
(c) Shlagfooms
(d) Shlamoofs

10. What warning does Grograman give Bastian about the Temple?
(a) Nobody has ever come out of The Temple alive.
(b) If Bastian's wish is unclear, he could get lost inside The Temple forever.
(c) A great wolf guards The Temple.
(d) The Temple is located in a far off land.

11. Who is Querquobad?
(a) the ruler of Amarganth
(b) a knight that dies in the tournament
(c) a captain who agrees to take Bastian and Atreyu away on a boat and help them
(d) a pet that belongs to the princess of Amarganth

12. Why does Bastain banish Atreyu from his company?
(a) Atreyu tries to take over leading the group.
(b) Atreyu kills Falkor.
(c) Atreyu tries to steal the Auryn.
(d) Atreyu tries to talk Bastian into going home.

13. Who is Xayide?
(a) an evil wizard
(b) a wicked witch
(c) a good wizard
(d) a good witch

14. Bastian and Grograman enjoy doing what in the sand?
(a) sunning themselves
(b) sleeping
(c) wrestling
(d) chasing each other

15. Why do many Fantasticans join Bastian and the group on their journey to the Ivory Tower?
(a) Everyone wants to see Moon Child.
(b) Everyone is lsot and confused, since Bastian keeps changing Fantastica.
(c) Everyone wants Bastian's help with something.
(d) Everyone wants to see Atreyu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dame Eyola tells Bastian that if he wants to get home, he must find what?

2. Who guards Bastian's tent at night?

3. What type of animal is the Many-Colored Death?

4. What is the name of the silver city?

5. Xayide claims that her will is strong enough to do what?

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