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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bastian finds a picture of a man encased in a wall of what?
(a) glass
(b) fire
(c) ice
(d) rock

2. How is Bastiana nd Atreyu's friendship sealed?
(a) They both share a meal.
(b) They both slay a great beast together.
(c) They both save each other from drowning.
(d) They both listen to Falkor's song.

3. How is the picture that Bastian finds destroyed?
(a) Yor steps on it.
(b) Falkor and Atreyu shatter it.
(c) Bastian accidentally drops it off a cliff.
(d) The Shlamoofs harass him and it is broken.

4. Who lives in the Star Cloister?
(a) The Priests of Punishment
(b) The Monks of Mercy
(c) The Monks of Knowledge
(d) The Priest of Pride

5. What does The Empress tell Bastian to do in order to recreate Fantastica?
(a) make wishes
(b) write a new ending to the book
(c) read the book backwards
(d) return the book to the book store

6. What are the residents of the strange town called?
(a) say-nothings
(b) do-nothings
(c) see-nothings
(d) know-nothings

7. Argax tells Bastian that his only hope of getting home now is to cross The Sea of what?
(a) Tears
(b) Blood
(c) Salt
(d) Mist

8. The party enters a field full of what?
(a) roses
(b) lilies
(c) poppies
(d) orchids

9. How does Xayide die?
(a) She falls into the Sea of Mists.
(b) She burns and becomes a pile of ash all of a sudden.
(c) Her metal giants trample her.
(d) Bastian's army shoots her with poison arrows.

10. What warning does Grograman give Bastian about the Temple?
(a) The Temple is located in a far off land.
(b) If Bastian's wish is unclear, he could get lost inside The Temple forever.
(c) Nobody has ever come out of The Temple alive.
(d) A great wolf guards The Temple.

11. Which of the following is not a name of a knight that Bastian meets after he leaves the temple?
(a) Hynreck
(b) Hydorn
(c) Hysbald
(d) Hynkle

12. What does the back of the Auryn say?
(a) Wish with care.
(b) Wish with your heart.
(c) Do what you wish.
(d) May your wishes come true.

13. What is Yikka?
(a) a mule
(b) a tribal dance of the Argamanthians
(c) a food
(d) a city

14. What is the name of the people who think communally and help Bastian cross the sea?
(a) The Yskalnari
(b) The Slkyari
(c) The Yalgarnsi
(d) The Valskyri

15. What does Bastian do to mark the fact that he passed through the desert?
(a) He wishes a tree to stand permanently in the desert.
(b) He takes a handful of sand with him.
(c) He leaves a piece of clothing behind.
(d) He marks his initials in the sand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bastian do to cheer up the Acharis?

2. How does the Old Man react to the Empress' request about the book?

3. What is Yikka's impossible wish?

4. What does the Empress ask the Old Man to do?

5. Why does Bastain banish Atreyu from his company?

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