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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Falkor is too sad to do what?
(a) believe in luck
(b) sleep
(c) fly
(d) talk

2. Bastian and Grograman enjoy doing what in the sand?
(a) chasing each other
(b) sleeping
(c) sunning themselves
(d) wrestling

3. What warning does Grograman give Bastian about the Temple?
(a) The Temple is located in a far off land.
(b) A great wolf guards The Temple.
(c) If Bastian's wish is unclear, he could get lost inside The Temple forever.
(d) Nobody has ever come out of The Temple alive.

4. How does the Empress say that Atreyu called the savior to Fantastica?
(a) with the Auryn
(b) by shouting
(c) through brave deeds
(d) by crying

5. The group is awakened by a group of ugly worms doing what?
(a) fighting amongst themselves
(b) attacking the group
(c) stealing food
(d) building a tower

6. What wish finally gets Bastian out of The Temple?
(a) He wishes to meet Atreyu and be friends.
(b) He wishes The Temple would disappear.
(c) He wishes to return home and reconcile with his father.
(d) He wishes to return to the attic.

7. What does Bastian do to mark the fact that he passed through the desert?
(a) He marks his initials in the sand.
(b) He leaves a piece of clothing behind.
(c) He takes a handful of sand with him.
(d) He wishes a tree to stand permanently in the desert.

8. Where does Dame Eyola live?
(a) The House of Chance
(b) The House of Change
(c) The House of Courage
(d) The House of Caring

9. What does Bastian name the desert that he creates?
(a) Goba
(b) Bago
(c) Boag
(d) Goab

10. What is the name of the blue Djinn?
(a) Edwin
(b) Winde
(c) Wanli
(d) Ilwan

11. What does Yor, the blind miner, mine?
(a) gems
(b) salt
(c) dreams
(d) pictures

12. Why do many Fantasticans join Bastian and the group on their journey to the Ivory Tower?
(a) Everyone is lsot and confused, since Bastian keeps changing Fantastica.
(b) Everyone wants to see Moon Child.
(c) Everyone wants to see Atreyu.
(d) Everyone wants Bastian's help with something.

13. When Bastian learns that the Amarganthians are storytellers, how does he help them?
(a) He tells them stories of his life back home.
(b) He asks Falkor to use his luck to allow them to create new stories.
(c) He writes down all the stories that he can remember.
(d) He tells a story about a public library full of books, which comes true.

14. Atreyu wakes up after The Princess leaves, and finds himself where?
(a) in the real world
(b) in a cave
(c) on a mountain
(d) in the Grassy Ocean

15. What is Yikka's impossible wish?
(a) to have children
(b) to turn into a woman
(c) to go to the human world
(d) to leave Fantastica

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bastian wish to see again?

2. What happens to Grograman at night?

3. What is the name of the silver city?

4. What type of animal is the Many-Colored Death?

5. What does The Empress tell Bastian to do in order to recreate Fantastica?

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