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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many days away is Bastian's coronation when Xayide convinces him to take over as the Childlike Emperor?
(a) 66
(b) 77
(c) 55
(d) 88

2. Falkor is too sad to do what?
(a) believe in luck
(b) talk
(c) sleep
(d) fly

3. What is Yikka?
(a) a tribal dance of the Argamanthians
(b) a mule
(c) a food
(d) a city

4. How does Bastian plan to impress Atreyu?
(a) by killing a monster
(b) by taking Atreyu to the real world
(c) by telling great stories
(d) by recreating Fantastica better than it was before

5. Where does Dame Eyola live?
(a) The House of Caring
(b) The House of Chance
(c) The House of Courage
(d) The House of Change

6. If Bastian loses his memory entirely, what will happen?
(a) He'll never get home.
(b) He'll trade places with Atreyu permanently.
(c) He'll turn into a monster.
(d) Falkor will take him to the desert and leave him to die.

7. Who is Querquobad?
(a) the ruler of Amarganth
(b) a knight that dies in the tournament
(c) a captain who agrees to take Bastian and Atreyu away on a boat and help them
(d) a pet that belongs to the princess of Amarganth

8. Atreyu does what to cheer Bastian up, after Bastian's attempt to help the Acharis fails?
(a) He tells Bastian about his life in the Grassy Ocean.
(b) He lets Bastian ride Falkor.
(c) He tells Bastian that he is not the only one to make such mistakes.
(d) He plays a game with Bastian.

9. What does Bastian do to cheer up the Acharis?
(a) He makes them beautiful.
(b) He turns them into talking flowers.
(c) He wishes for a great palace of their own, which thena appears.
(d) He turns them into butterflies.

10. Why does Bastian admit that he waited so long to help the Empress?
(a) He couldn't think of a good new name for The Empress.
(b) He didn't realize that he was the savior of Fantastica.
(c) He was afraid that she wouldn't like how he looked.
(d) He didn't want to get trapped in Fantastica.

11. What sort of animal advises Bastian about the residents of the strange town?
(a) Horse
(b) Cat
(c) Monkey
(d) Dog

12. What is Sikandra?
(a) a forest
(b) a sword
(c) a shield
(d) a desert

13. Bastian and Grograman enjoy doing what in the sand?
(a) wrestling
(b) sunning themselves
(c) sleeping
(d) chasing each other

14. What are the Acharis later called?
(a) Clamoofs
(b) Gopoofs
(c) Shlamoofs
(d) Shlagfooms

15. What does the Empress ask the Old Man to do?
(a) read the book
(b) write a new end to the book
(c) burn the book
(d) give her the book

Short Answer Questions

1. The party enters a field full of what?

2. Why do many Fantasticans join Bastian and the group on their journey to the Ivory Tower?

3. In Yor's Minroud, Bastian must find what?

4. When Bastian learns that the Amarganthians are storytellers, how does he help them?

5. What is the name of the princess who wants to marry the best knight in the tournament?

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