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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many days away is Bastian's coronation when Xayide convinces him to take over as the Childlike Emperor?
(a) 55
(b) 88
(c) 66
(d) 77

2. How does Xayide die?
(a) She burns and becomes a pile of ash all of a sudden.
(b) Her metal giants trample her.
(c) Bastian's army shoots her with poison arrows.
(d) She falls into the Sea of Mists.

3. What does Bastian name the desert that he creates?
(a) Boag
(b) Goab
(c) Goba
(d) Bago

4. Why do many Fantasticans join Bastian and the group on their journey to the Ivory Tower?
(a) Everyone wants Bastian's help with something.
(b) Everyone wants to see Moon Child.
(c) Everyone wants to see Atreyu.
(d) Everyone is lsot and confused, since Bastian keeps changing Fantastica.

5. How does Bastian plan to impress Atreyu?
(a) by killing a monster
(b) by taking Atreyu to the real world
(c) by telling great stories
(d) by recreating Fantastica better than it was before

6. What is the name of the princess who wants to marry the best knight in the tournament?
(a) Oglamar
(b) Olgilimy
(c) Olvinia
(d) Olminda

7. Dame Eyola tells Bastian that if he wants to get home, he must find what?
(a) The Tree of Life
(b) The Well of Life
(c) The Water of Life
(d) The Fruit of Life

8. Who does Atreyu declare is the winner fo the tournament?
(a) Hynreck
(b) Hydorn
(c) Bastian
(d) Hykrion

9. Atreyu does what to cheer Bastian up, after Bastian's attempt to help the Acharis fails?
(a) He plays a game with Bastian.
(b) He lets Bastian ride Falkor.
(c) He tells Bastian that he is not the only one to make such mistakes.
(d) He tells Bastian about his life in the Grassy Ocean.

10. Why does Bastian admit that he waited so long to help the Empress?
(a) He didn't want to get trapped in Fantastica.
(b) He was afraid that she wouldn't like how he looked.
(c) He couldn't think of a good new name for The Empress.
(d) He didn't realize that he was the savior of Fantastica.

11. Where does Dame Eyola live?
(a) The House of Courage
(b) The House of Chance
(c) The House of Change
(d) The House of Caring

12. What wish finally gets Bastian out of The Temple?
(a) He wishes to return home and reconcile with his father.
(b) He wishes to return to the attic.
(c) He wishes The Temple would disappear.
(d) He wishes to meet Atreyu and be friends.

13. Why does Bastian stall their arrival at the Ivory Tower?
(a) He is afraid his friends will leave him.
(b) He is afraid that Moon Child will send him home.
(c) He is afraid that he will be unable to see Moon Child again.
(d) He is afraid he will lose the Auryn.

14. In Yor's Minroud, Bastian must find what?
(a) a picture of Atreyu
(b) a picture of himself
(c) a picture of someone to love
(d) a picture of someone to hate

15. Bastian regrets creating what, as the travelers see destruction on their way to The Ivory Tower?
(a) a dragon
(b) a great storm
(c) a desert
(d) a forest

Short Answer Questions

1. Bastian and Grograman enjoy doing what in the sand?

2. What does Bastian do to cheer up the Acharis?

3. What does the Empress ask the Old Man to do?

4. How does the Old Man react to the Empress' request about the book?

5. Bastian finds a picture of a man encased in a wall of what?

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