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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many days away is Bastian's coronation when Xayide convinces him to take over as the Childlike Emperor?
(a) 66
(b) 77
(c) 88
(d) 55

2. Who guards Bastian's tent at night?
(a) Atreyu
(b) Falkor
(c) Iklik
(d) the blue djinn

3. When Bastian learns that the Amarganthians are storytellers, how does he help them?
(a) He tells a story about a public library full of books, which comes true.
(b) He asks Falkor to use his luck to allow them to create new stories.
(c) He tells them stories of his life back home.
(d) He writes down all the stories that he can remember.

4. What does Bastian name the desert that he creates?
(a) Bago
(b) Goba
(c) Boag
(d) Goab

5. What does the back of the Auryn say?
(a) Wish with your heart.
(b) Wish with care.
(c) May your wishes come true.
(d) Do what you wish.

6. What is Sikandra?
(a) a desert
(b) a forest
(c) a shield
(d) a sword

7. Falkor is too sad to do what?
(a) sleep
(b) talk
(c) believe in luck
(d) fly

8. What does Yor, the blind miner, mine?
(a) gems
(b) salt
(c) pictures
(d) dreams

9. The group is awakened by a group of ugly worms doing what?
(a) attacking the group
(b) building a tower
(c) stealing food
(d) fighting amongst themselves

10. What happens to Grograman at night?
(a) He turns into a dove.
(b) He turns to stone.
(c) He turns to ice.
(d) He disappears.

11. How does the Old Man react to the Empress' request about the book?
(a) He is horrified because he thinks they'll all be trapped forever.
(b) He is thrilled because he thinks it will save Fantastica.
(c) He is upset because he has already tried that suggestion with no success.
(d) He is skeptical because he doesn't know if it will work.

12. Why does Bastain banish Atreyu from his company?
(a) Atreyu kills Falkor.
(b) Atreyu tries to take over leading the group.
(c) Atreyu tries to steal the Auryn.
(d) Atreyu tries to talk Bastian into going home.

13. As the clock strikes 12, Bastian calls out the Empress' name and what happens?
(a) The Empress arrives in the attic.
(b) Lightening strikes the attic.
(c) An egg opens.
(d) Atreyu arrives in the attic.

14. What is the name of the people who think communally and help Bastian cross the sea?
(a) The Valskyri
(b) The Slkyari
(c) The Yskalnari
(d) The Yalgarnsi

15. When Bastian explains the meaning of Grograman's existence, Grograman gives him what in exchange?
(a) an amulet
(b) some food
(c) a sword
(d) a ring

Short Answer Questions

1. Who admits to Atreyu that they knew how to save the Empress before Atreyu went on his quest?

2. Bastian and Grograman enjoy doing what in the sand?

3. Who does Bastian wish to see again?

4. Why is the group getting nowhere and traveling in circles?

5. What sort of animal advises Bastian about the residents of the strange town?

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