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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Bastian, Atreyu and Falkor transported to the Water of Life?
(a) Moon Child transports them.
(b) The Auryn transports them.
(c) They fall asleep and awake at the Water of Life.
(d) A sprite shows them the way.

2. Cairon, one of the doctors, returns from examining the Empress with a medallion called what around his neck?
(a) Artren
(b) Auryn
(c) Auldren
(d) Artax

3. Why does Bastian admit that he waited so long to help the Empress?
(a) He couldn't think of a good new name for The Empress.
(b) He didn't realize that he was the savior of Fantastica.
(c) He was afraid that she wouldn't like how he looked.
(d) He didn't want to get trapped in Fantastica.

4. In order to escape his day-to-day life, Bastian does what?
(a) goes to live with a friend
(b) escapes by reading the book
(c) changes his name
(d) disguises his appearance

5. What distracts the store owner shortly after Bastian arrives?
(a) another customer entering
(b) the television
(c) the telephone
(d) the radio

Short Answer Questions

1. Atreyu realizes that the Auryn seems to work differently for humans and is doing what to Bastian?

2. What does Bastian name the desert that he creates?

3. Which of the following is not a name of a knight that Bastian meets after he leaves the temple?

4. What else does Mr. Coreander tell Bastian about entering Fantastica?

5. How many days away is Bastian's coronation when Xayide convinces him to take over as the Childlike Emperor?

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