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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 - 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To reach Uyulala, one must pas through how many gates?
(a) three
(b) four
(c) one
(d) two

2. What is Sikandra?
(a) a shield
(b) a forest
(c) a sword
(d) a desert

3. What does Atreyu see when he awakens after being transported by the poison?
(a) a huge ocean
(b) a deep canyon
(c) a forest
(d) an archway

4. Bastian loves stories but is always sad when what happens during a story?
(a) The story ends.
(b) Someone in the story makes a mistake.
(c) Someone in the story dies.
(d) The story is too long.

5. What do travelers see in the Magic Mirror at the second gate?
(a) horrible monsters
(b) their worst nightmares
(c) their exact opposite
(d) their true selves

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the tower city shaped like?

2. Atreyu forgets who he is when he does what?

3. Where does Dame Eyola live?

4. When Falkor dives down to rescue Atreyu from the nothing, what happens tot heir skin?

5. Atreyu and Falkor are caught in the crossfire of four of what sort of giants?

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