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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16 - 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bastian say that the other children like to tease him?
(a) He is ugly.
(b) He is too tall.
(c) He makes up stories.
(d) He stutters.

2. What kind of snail does the tiny insist that his snail is?
(a) an extra slow snail
(b) a friendly snail
(c) a mean snail
(d) a racing snail

3. How does Bastian console himself when he is upset?
(a) He reads books.
(b) He listens to music.
(c) He calls friends.
(d) He plays games.

4. When Atreyu awakens on the mountain, there is what a few steps away from them?
(a) a cat
(b) a wolf
(c) a cave
(d) some food

5. As the clock strikes three, Bastian takes a break from reading and does what?
(a) looks out the window of the attic
(b) closes the attic door, which has suddenly opened
(c) hides because he hears someone coming
(d) looks in a mirror

Short Answer Questions

1. In the hallway of columns, a voice asks Atreyu to do what?

2. When Bastian learns that the Amarganthians are storytellers, how does he help them?

3. To whom has Cairon has been asked to give the medallion?

4. Who owns the store where Bastian hides?

5. What happens to Grograman at night?

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