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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6 - 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why isn't Bastian's mother present?
(a) Bastian's parents are divorced.
(b) She is away visiting a friend.
(c) She is dead.
(d) She is at work.

2. In order to escape his day-to-day life, Bastian does what?
(a) disguises his appearance
(b) escapes by reading the book
(c) changes his name
(d) goes to live with a friend

3. What is the tower city shaped like?
(a) a snail shell
(b) a magnolia blossom
(c) a mountain peak
(d) a giant bear

4. What is the store owner doing when Bastian enters the store?
(a) talking to a customer
(b) restocking a shelf
(c) mopping the floor
(d) reading a book

5. What kind of snail does the tiny insist that his snail is?
(a) a racing snail
(b) an extra slow snail
(c) a mean snail
(d) a friendly snail

Short Answer Questions

1. Who decides which travelers pass through the first gate?

2. What is the alchemist's name?

3. In what type of store does Bastian hide from his classmates?

4. When Atreyu falls from Falkor's back, what happens?

5. Which of these describes Bastian?

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