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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 - 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distracts the store owner shortly after Bastian arrives?
(a) another customer entering
(b) the radio
(c) the telephone
(d) the television

2. What type of animal is the Many-Colored Death?
(a) a wolf
(b) a tiger
(c) a dragon
(d) a lion

3. What are the people of the Grassy Ocean known as?
(a) greenskins
(b) redskins
(c) pinkskins
(d) blueskins

4. What is the first thing in Fantastica that Bastian recreates?
(a) Perilin
(b) The Swamp of Sadness
(c) The Ivory Tower
(d) The Grassy Ocean

5. Cairon, one of the doctors, returns from examining the Empress with a medallion called what around his neck?
(a) Artax
(b) Auldren
(c) Artren
(d) Auryn

Short Answer Questions

1. The voice tells Atreyu that the creatures of Fantastica are just what?

2. Atreyu forgets who he is when he does what?

3. How quickly does the spider's poison work?

4. What is the store owner's middle name?

5. Atreyu wakes up after The Princess leaves, and finds himself where?

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