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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 - 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bastian escape the Shlamoofs?
(a) The Shlamoofs leave on their own after a while.
(b) Blubb rescues him.
(c) Moon Child rescues him.
(d) Atreyu and Falkor rescue him.

2. What does the Empress ask the Old Man to do?
(a) write a new end to the book
(b) read the book
(c) burn the book
(d) give her the book

3. How does the Empress say that Atreyu called the savior to Fantastica?
(a) by crying
(b) by shouting
(c) through brave deeds
(d) with the Auryn

4. What is the alchemist's name?
(a) Engywook
(b) Smoogle
(c) Urgl
(d) Falkor

5. Where do the Tinies live?
(a) in the water
(b) in the dens of other animals
(c) underground
(d) in trees

Short Answer Questions

1. Bastian sneaks out of the attic to do what, after he reads about the poisoning?

2. What does Atreyu do in order to get his first sight of the nothing?

3. In Yor's Minroud, Bastian must find what?

4. What does Bastian think about as the clock strikes one?

5. Argax tells Bastian that his only hope of getting home now is to cross The Sea of what?

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