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This, also called the "Gem" or the "Glory," is a totem of the Childlike Empress.

The Grassy Ocean

This is a vast area and home of Atreyu's people, the Greenskins.

The Swamps of Sadness

Located far to the north in Fantastica, this place sucks the hope out of all who enter.

Perilin, the Night Forest

This is the first thing Bastian creates with his wishes when Moon Child gives him AURYN.

Goab, the Desert of Colors

When Bastian desires to challenge himself by enduring hardship, Perilin melts away and this rises in its place.

The City of Old Emperors

The Know-Nothings live in this place.


This is Bastian's magic sword, given to him by Grograman the Many-Colored Death.


This is the name of the invisibility belt that Xayide gives to Bastian.

Yor's Minroud

This place is mined not for gems or silver, but for pictures...

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