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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)


In the prologue, bullying is a major issue. Bastian hides from schoolmates who want to tease him.

The objective of this lesson is to examine the issue of bullying. What makes a person a bully? How can bullies be dealt with?


Class discussion:

What could make a person a bully? Also, is it right to try to hide from bullies, like Bastian did? What are some alternatives to running from bullies?

Class activity:

Take a poll to see how many students in the class feel that they have been bullied at some point in life and how many feel that they have behaved like a bully at some point in life. Divide the class into three groups, based on their answers, the bullies, the bullied and those who feel they've been both at some point. Have each group discuss their reasons amongst themselves and then...

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