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Create your own Auryn-like Symbol

In Fantastica, the Auryn gives Atreyu and Bastian extra powers and also affects them in different ways. Create your own symbol. Draw it and write down what it is and what powers and affects it would have on you. For instance, would you want the power to fly, stay under water forever, have x-ray vision etc.? Explain your symbol to the class.

Make Yourself into a Fantastican

If you were a Fantastican, which one would you be? In a creative way, show yourself as a Fantastican. You could, for example, draw, sculpt or paint yourself. Bring your creation in and explain why you chose it to the class.

Recreate a Scene from the Book

Team up with a friend or two in the class and choose one scene from the book to act out for the class. Afterward, explain why you chose that...

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