The Neverending Story Character Descriptions

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Bastian Balthazar Bux - This person is an unhappy little boy, misunderstood at home and teased by his peers.

Moon Child - This person is the Empress of Fantastica.

Atreyu - This person is Bastian's fictional alter ego.

Falkor - This character is a luckdragon.

Artax - This person is Atreyu's noble steed.

Uyulala - This person is the Southern Oracle.

The Old Man of Wandering Mountain - Described as Moon Child's opposite, this person is the keeper of all records.

Ygramul the Many - This person is first introduced through a folkloric song of the Greenskins.

Grograman the Many-Colored Death - This person is Bastian's first friend in Fantastica.

Xayide - This person is the wickedest witch in all of Fantastica.

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