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• The book is translated from the original German by Ralph Manheim.

• The book is a coming of age story about Bastian Balthazar Bux and his adventures in the make-belive land of Fantastica.
• The story opens with Bastian hiding from some bullies in an old books store.

• The book store is owned by Carl Conrad Coreander.

• Bastian is a fat little boy who is about 10- or 12-years-old.
• Bastian admits to Mr. Coreander that the children tease Bastian because he likes to make up stories.

• Bastian often tells stories to himself, since he doesn't think anyone else would be interested in them.
• When Mr. Coreander is distracted, Bastian examines the book that Mr. Coreander had been reading.

• On the cover of the book are two snakes that are biting each other's tails.

• The book is called The Neverending Story.

• Bastian loves stories and is always sad to see...

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