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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are dream futures, as the narrator describes in chapter 12?
(a) A future the clones know will never come true.
(b) A future that the clones hope they can earn the money to pursue while training as carers.
(c) A future the clones plan to pursue once their donations are done.
(d) A future the clones plan to pursue before their donations begin.

2. For what reason has Tommy begun drawing again in chapter 20?
(a) To impress Kathy.
(b) To have something to show Madame when he asks for a deferrment.
(c) To soothe his depression.
(d) To impress the doctors.

3. What does Ruth want to do after being run off from the office where her possible works in chapter 14?
(a) She wants to confront the woman.
(b) She wants to go home.
(c) She wants to forget the whole episode.
(d) She wants to go back.

4. In chapter 16, why does the narrator think she and her companions did not talk about their trip to Norfolk?
(a) They were embarrassed for Ruth.
(b) They were waiting for Ruth to say something.
(c) They were embarrassed for themselves.
(d) They were anxious to hide the truth.

5. What is a deferral?
(a) A set of citizen papers.
(b) A refusal to submit to an event.
(c) A postponement of a payment or event.
(d) A set of travel papers.

6. After which of Tommy's donations did Kathy become his carer in chapter 20?
(a) Third.
(b) Fourth.
(c) First.
(d) Second.

7. Who claims to not recall learning about deferrals at Hailsham in chapter 13?
(a) Tommy.
(b) Laura.
(c) Ruth.
(d) Kathy.

8. In chapter 16, what do Kathy and Ruth make fun of at Tommy's expense?
(a) His behavior.
(b) His romantic side.
(c) His drawings.
(d) His appearance.

9. What does Ruby ask the narrator forgiveness for in chapter 19?
(a) For stealing Harry from her.
(b) For lying about her feelings for Miss Geraldine.
(c) For placing a wedge between she and Tommy.
(d) For forcing her out of the secret society.

10. In chapter 13, who has been placed in charge of the spending money for the Norfolk trip?
(a) Kathy.
(b) Ruth.
(c) Rodney.
(d) Tommy.

11. In chapter 16, who were Kathy and Ruth discussing when Ruth finds the Judy Bridgewater tape?
(a) Rodney.
(b) Lenny.
(c) Tommy.
(d) Lesley.

12. In chapter 16, what does Ruth begin to forget?
(a) Her own lies.
(b) The Cottages.
(c) Hailsham.
(d) Her childhood.

13. In chapter 15, why does Tommy think he has blown his future by refusing to participate in art at Hailsham?
(a) They have nothing to help choose when he should become a carer.
(b) He has nothing they can use to determine if he should get a deferment.
(c) They have nothing to determine if he should be a donor.
(d) They have nothing to earn money for his care.

14. What is the one thing the narrator notices most about the drawings Tommy shows her in chapter 15?
(a) The originality.
(b) The childishness of them.
(c) The oddness of them.
(d) The details.

15. What does Madame keep repeating as Tommy and Kathy speak to her in chapter 21?
(a) 'Do you understand?'
(b) 'Why me?'
(c) 'I go too far?'
(d) 'I don't understand.'

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the narrator refuse to go visit Martin while in Norfolk?

2. Who appears out of the darkness of the room at the end of chapter 21?

3. Why does there seem to be a different set of rules for the clones from Hailsham as compared to the clones from other backgrounds?

4. In chapter 21, what picture does Tommy notice on Madame's wall?

5. What job does Martin (Rodney and Chrissie's friend mentioned in chapter 13) have?

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