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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Rodney and Chrissie believe the students from Hailsham might know about deferrals?
(a) They are smarter.
(b) They were more privledged.
(c) They are closer to the guardians.
(d) They have more access to the rule books.

2. In chapter 15, why does Kathy delay showing Tommy she has found the Judy Bridgewater tape?
(a) She wants to find a better copy.
(b) She wants to allow him to find it.
(c) She wants to find something better.
(d) She wants to prolong the fun.

3. In chapter 15, what does Tommy suggest Madame does with the art from the Hailsham students?
(a) Uses it to determine who should become a donor.
(b) Uses it to determine who should receive deferments.
(c) Uses it to raise money for the school.
(d) Uses it to determine when a clone should train as a carer.

4. At the end of chapter 15, how does Ruth go out of her way to show Tommy and Kathy she had known she had acted badly earlier?
(a) She refuses to speak with Chrissie and Rodney.
(b) She includes them in her jokes with Chrissie and Rodney.
(c) She apologizes outright.
(d) She buys them dinner.

5. In chapter 12, what subject does the narrator say Rodney talked about a lot?
(a) Religion.
(b) Karma.
(c) Angels.
(d) Reincarnation.

6. In chapter 16, how does the narrator make her intention to become a carer immediately known?
(a) She asks Rodney for help.
(b) She tells Keffers.
(c) She asks the guardians if she can start early.
(d) She tells Ruth.

7. Where is the recovery center where Ruth is living during her donations?
(a) Dover.
(b) London.
(c) Littlehampshire.
(d) Norfolk.

8. What lie has Ruth told Chrissie that Tommy nearly blows for her in chapter 13?
(a) That a Hailsham student became a doctor.
(b) That a Hailsham student became a park keeper.
(c) That a Hailsham student became a bookkeeper.
(d) That a Hailsham student became a barrister.

9. In chapter 21, what picture does Tommy notice on Madame's wall?
(a) A picture of the Cottages.
(b) A picture of Ruth and Laura.
(c) A picture of Hailsham.
(d) A picture of Miss Emily.

10. In chapter 16, who were Kathy and Ruth discussing when Ruth finds the Judy Bridgewater tape?
(a) Tommy.
(b) Rodney.
(c) Lenny.
(d) Lesley.

11. What is the Black Barn?
(a) A restaurant near the Cottages.
(b) A bar where the clones hang out.
(c) A building at the Cottages.
(d) A building where supplies are stored.

12. What kind of drawings does the narrator find Tommy making in chapter 20?
(a) Portraits of donors.
(b) Imaginary animals.
(c) Pictures of Ruth.
(d) Dogs and cats.

13. To where does Ruth and her friends follow the possible from the office in chapter 14?
(a) A gym.
(b) A hospital.
(c) A gallery.
(d) A dog park.

14. In chapter 13, why does Ruby become irate when Kathy suggests they switch seats?
(a) Ruby does not want Kathy growing closer to Tommy.
(b) Ruby does not like Rodney.
(c) Ruby does not like Kathy.
(d) Ruby does not want Kathy to grow close to Rodney.

15. In chapter 14, why does Chrissie say she and Rodney like to buy birthday cards in bulk?
(a) They are cheap and are always on hand.
(b) They are a cheap alternative to construction paper.
(c) They like the art on them.
(d) They like to use them as postcards.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 16, from whom does the narrator keep her distance in her final weeks there?

2. In chapter 15, what do Kathy and Tommy talk about?

3. How much older than the clone is suspected a possible would be as described in chapter 12?

4. What does Madame reveal in chapter 21 that the artwork from Hailsham was supposed to show?

5. What items does the narrator say in chapter 18 she likes to window shop for and compare to the ones she has at home?

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