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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator mentioned she often used for blankets in chapter 11?
(a) Wool cloth scraps.
(b) Blankets donated by rich widows.
(c) Old clothing.
(d) Old curtains and carpet peices.

2. Why was the narrator kicked out of the secret guard?
(a) She allowed Miss Geraldine to be injured.
(b) She had a fight with Ruth.
(c) She did not collect her evidence properly.
(d) She gave away guard secrets.

3. What does Miss Lucy tell the students in chapter 7 they are destined to do?
(a) Become doctors and lawyers.
(b) Donate their vital organs.
(c) Donate their bodies to scientific experimentation.
(d) Live to be very old.

4. What does Ruth give the narrator in chapter 6 to replace her lost tape?
(a) A new tape of ballroom dancing music.
(b) A few tokens.
(c) A new hand mirror.
(d) A baby doll.

5. What is Dave's stump?
(a) A tree stump where a boy named Dave is rumored to have died.
(b) A tree stump where a boy named Dave often sat to read or write.
(c) A tree stump at where a boy named Dave often cut wood for the fireplaces.
(d) A tree stump in the yard nicknamed Dave after the owner's son.

6. What does the narrator say the students used their tokens on?
(a) Presents for parents and relatives.
(b) Clothing and decorations for their desks.
(c) Video games.
(d) Extra food in the cafeteria.

7. In what room was the art displayed for Madame?
(a) The lunch room.
(b) The billiards room.
(c) An empty dorm room.
(d) The art room.

8. Who does Ruth want to know if the narrator likes at the end of chapter 4?
(a) Miss Jody.
(b) Miss Emily.
(c) Miss Lucy.
(d) Miss Geraldine.

9. What vice is strongly discouraged at Hailsham?
(a) Overeating.
(b) Premarital sex.
(c) Drinking.
(d) Smoking.

10. In whose room does Tommy admit in chapter 11 that he saw the narrator looking at similar magazines as the ones he finds her looking at in the boiler room in chapter 11?
(a) Laura's.
(b) Charley's.
(c) Harry's.
(d) Claire's.

11. Why was often terribly cold in the farmhouse at the Cottages, as mentioned in chapter 10?
(a) The house was impossible to heat due to its size.
(b) The caretaker rarely brought in enough heaters.
(c) The house was in poor repair.
(d) The weather made it impossible to keep up with the temperatures.

12. How old was the narrator when she first recalls making friends with Ruth?
(a) Six going on seven.
(b) Seven going on eight.
(c) Five.
(d) Nine.

13. In chapter 10, the narrator describes a fear of doing what once they arrived at the Cottages?
(a) Trusting the guardians.
(b) Socializing with outsiders.
(c) Traveling outside of the immediate grounds.
(d) Judging their own proper behaviors.

14. What happened in chapter 6 to the tape the narrator hid in her dorm room that contained her favorite song?
(a) It was stolen.
(b) It was garbled in the tape machine.
(c) It was lost.
(d) It was broken.

15. Who is Miss Geraldine?
(a) A donor at the clinic where Kathy works.
(b) A guardian at Hailsham who is everyone's favorite.
(c) A teacher at the Cottages.
(d) A carer in Kathy's clinic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where at Hailsham, as the narrator describes in chapter 2, was the best place to have a private talk?

2. Why do Peter and Gordon say they want to go to America in chapter 7?

3. Why does the narrator suggest Ruby was correct in accusing her of making no friends outside of Hailsham alum?

4. Where is the novel set?

5. Whose behavior does the narrator accuse Ruth of copying at the end of chapter 10?

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