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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where at Hailsham, as the narrator describes in chapter 2, was the best place to have a private talk?
(a) The lunch queue.
(b) The music room.
(c) The art room.
(d) The dorm bathrooms.

2. Who does Ruth want to know if the narrator likes at the end of chapter 4?
(a) Miss Lucy.
(b) Miss Geraldine.
(c) Miss Jody.
(d) Miss Emily.

3. What are the ages of the Junior classes at Hailsham?
(a) Five through eight.
(b) Seven through eleven.
(c) Birth to twelve.
(d) Fifteen to seventeen.

4. What does the narrator say the students used their tokens on?
(a) Video games.
(b) Presents for parents and relatives.
(c) Clothing and decorations for their desks.
(d) Extra food in the cafeteria.

5. Where is the novel set?
(a) New York.
(b) France.
(c) Louisiana.
(d) England.

6. Where did the narrator and Tommy often meet in secrecy during their years at Hailsham?
(a) The art room.
(b) The sports pavilion.
(c) The pond.
(d) The woods.

7. What is the point of view of this novel?
(a) Second person.
(b) First person.
(c) Limited omniscient.
(d) Third person.

8. What joke do the children at Hailsham make when discussing the electrified fences that often circled the concentration camps during World War II?
(a) That one could commit suicide easily.
(b) That one could fry eggs quite easily.
(c) That one could suffer a large electric bill that way.
(d) That one could easily commit murder.

9. At the end of chapter 4, what does Ruth accuse the narrator of doing all wrong?
(a) Drawing a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk.
(b) Putting her imaginary horses away.
(c) Putting their toys away.
(d) Drawing pictures of horses.

10. What happened in chapter 6 to the tape the narrator hid in her dorm room that contained her favorite song?
(a) It was stolen.
(b) It was lost.
(c) It was broken.
(d) It was garbled in the tape machine.

11. Whose behavior does the narrator accuse Ruth of copying at the end of chapter 10?
(a) Johnny and Laura.
(b) Charles and Diana.
(c) Harry and Cynthia.
(d) Rodney and Chrissie.

12. Why does the narrator suggest Ruby was correct in accusing her of making no friends outside of Hailsham alum?
(a) She believes Ruby was only trying to help.
(b) She knows now she should have tried harder to make friends.
(c) She struggled to make friends with the veterans.
(d) She criticized Ruby's friendships outside the Hailsham alum.

13. In chapter 10, the narrator describes a fear of doing what once they arrived at the Cottages?
(a) Trusting the guardians.
(b) Socializing with outsiders.
(c) Traveling outside of the immediate grounds.
(d) Judging their own proper behaviors.

14. Where did the donor in the narrator's third year grow up, causing her to recall her own childhood at Hailsham?
(a) Dorset.
(b) Dover.
(c) Norfolk.
(d) Kansas City.

15. Who suggests that Kathy might be Tommy's next girlfriend in chapter 9?
(a) Laura.
(b) Amanda.
(c) Cynthia.
(d) Ruth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What book is the narrator reading in chapter 10 that Ruth rudely begins to describe the plot of to her?

2. Why did the students feel Madame was different, odd?

3. What is a Walkman?

4. What does Miss Lucy tell the students in chapter 7 they are destined to do?

5. What is the narrator doing as she recalls these events from her past, as a student at Hailsham?

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