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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In chapter 21, what do Tommy and Kathy try to convince Madame of?
(a) They are in desperate need of money.
(b) They are in love.
(c) They are brilliant artists.
(d) They are in danger.

2. What does the narrator tell the reader unzipping meant to the students at Hailsham in chapter 7?
(a) They could unzip their heads and reveal their intelligence.
(b) They could unzip their clothing and show off their internal organs.
(c) They could unzip their bodies and provide organs easily.
(d) They could unzip their spines and remove their skeletons.

3. Why does Miss Emily suggest Miss Lucy left Hailsham as she did in chapter 22?
(a) She was afraid of the clones.
(b) She was unsure of the ethical applications of Hailsham.
(c) She was unhappy with the work being done by students at Hailsham.
(d) She was upset the children were not more aware of who and what they were.

4. In chapter 16, what does Ruth begin to forget?
(a) The Cottages.
(b) Hailsham.
(c) Her own lies.
(d) Her childhood.

5. Why does Miss Emily tell Tommy and Kathy that Madame came and took their art away in chapter 22?
(a) To prove clones have souls.
(b) To encourage more people to create clones.
(c) To remember the students by.
(d) To make money for the school.

Short Answer Questions

1. In chapter 15, why does the narrator tell Tommy she often looks at models in magazines?

2. In chapter 14, why does Chrissie say she and Rodney like to buy birthday cards in bulk?

3. Why do Peter and Gordon say they want to go to America in chapter 7?

4. In chapter 18, the narrator learns that Hailsham is to be turned into what?

5. In chapter 16, what route does Kathy say was out of bounds at Hailsham?

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