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Chapters 1-2

• Kathy is a health care worker and calls herself a carer, her patient's donors.

• Kathy visits her donors in their own homes or wherever they are.
• Two of Kathy's donors are old classmates from a boarding school Kathy attended called Hailsham.

• As Kathy cares for Tommy and Ruth, she remembers things about Hailsham.

• Kathy remembers Tommy once became very angry whenever he was picked last for game sports.
• Kathy recalls how they used to show off their poetry and art to one another in something called an exchange.

• Ruth and Kathy built a large art collection.

• Tommy once was a good artist, but stopped. He also stopped getting angry under teasing because of a conversation with one of the guardians at the school.

Chapters 3-4

• Tommy tells Kathy that Miss Lucy, the guardian, told him not to worry about not working at his art anymore, even...

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