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Patricia McCormick
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Short Answer Questions

1. The leader with the white shorts orders Arn to come entertain his guests at a party he is throwing at his house. For how many days does the party last?

2. Why does Sombo get mad when he sees Arn dragging his gun behind him due to its great weight?

3. After the first battle when the Little Fish are used by the adult soldiers as bait for the Vietnamese, how many of the original number of boys are left?

4. What happens the first time Arn plays volleyball?

5. Once Sombo's group dwindles to a number of only seven kids, plus Sombo and Koong, they become so tired that they drop most of what they have been carrying. What are the two things they continue to carry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the parting of Arn and Mek. What is its significance within the course of the narrative?

2. When the Khmer Rouge put Arn and 19 other boys into a platoon they call Little Fish with the Big Sting, what thought of Arn's acts as foreshadowing for the coming carnage?

3. When Arn determines that he has been away from his home village for two and a half years, how does he reach this conclusion?

4. For what reasons does Arn choose Sojeat and Ravi as his two favorites when Mr. Pond asks him for two names?

5. The theme of fame arises once again when the leader with the white shorts notices Arn due to the attention he has gotten for his music and dancing, so he tells Arn to come to his house to entertain at his party. What message is being sent about fame in this scene?

6. What words does the dying lady in the village spit at Arn and why do her words hurt him so much?

7. How does the scene of the Vietnamese soldiers walking through the village calling out to the people echo a scene from the first chapter of the novel? What is the effect of that allusion?

8. How does the white rabbit enter the narrative of the story and what is its significance?

9. Conditioning is the automatic response of one's body that happens over a period of time when one is subjected to repeated negative and/or positive reinforcement in order to facilitate a particular response. The soldiers tell Arn and Siv that he has a new job for them, lead them to a temple, make them watch as they murder the elderly prisoners there, and order Arn and Siv to urinate on the bodies of the dead and dying old men. Arn thinks that there is no way he'll be able to comply, but when he looks down, he sees that urine is pouring out of his body onto the dead men's heads. What is the author's purpose in including this incident?

10. What new privileges does Arn receive while acting as the leader's assistant of sorts and what feelings do these new privileges inspire in him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The epilogue of the novel provides the reader with information about the real man on whom the novel's fictional story is based. Discuss the author's choice to include this epilogue and its intended effect on the reader within the context of the whole novel.

Essay Topic 2

Though the reader may expect that once Arn gets to America, his life will be perfect, the author instead chooses to show the significant difficulties Arn experiences upon his arrival. Explain what these difficulties are and ultimately, explain why the author chose to include them within the narrative.

Essay Topic 3

The first mention of revolution in the novel occurs on page 24 when a Khmer Rouge soldier mentions it and Arn tells the reader he has not heard the word before. There are many different types of revolution, including social revolutions and personal revolutions. Compare and contrast the revolution undertaken by the Khmer Rouge with the personal revolution Arn experiences by the end of the novel.

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