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Patricia McCormick
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the radio makes clear that the Vietnamese soldiers really are coming, chaos erupts and many children run away in the melee. Sombo asks Arn why he doesn't run away to find his family. Why does Arn not run away?
(a) He now feels so far removed from his biological family that his friends seem much more important to stay close to in this world.
(b) He is afraid that the Khmer Rouge will recognize him due to his fame and shoot him for the traitor they will consider him to be.
(c) He is afraid the soldiers in the next camp will kill his little sister Sophea if he runs away.
(d) He realizes that he has no idea why he does not run away; the thought has just never occurred to him.

2. When the Vietnamese soldiers kill everyone in the village by drawing them out with offers of free rice, why does Arn look at each dead person's face as he walks through the village?
(a) He doesn't know why he wants to look at their faces, but he does.
(b) He wants to see what expressions they had on their faces when they died.
(c) He is looking for any member of his family.
(d) He wants to count how many males they killed versus how many males they killed.

3. What is the name of the only other boy at the Children's Center who was formerly a child soldier besides Arn?
(a) Runty.
(b) Sojeat.
(c) Ravi.
(d) Koong.

4. Arn says there are many things to be afraid of at night, and now he has one more thing to be afraid of after they have shot everyone in the village below. What is that thing?
(a) Sombo since he now comes in the night to tell Arn disturbing stories of his childhood.
(b) Sleep since it is now filled with nightmares.
(c) That he'll be left on his own since now sometimes the group moves in the nighttime and he has come close to being left behind.
(d) The fire going out because of the danger of villagers who may have escaped coming to kill them for revenge.

5. When his sister kisses Arn's ear, what is NOT something he says the sensation feels like?
(a) Heaven.
(b) Angels.
(c) Rustling leaves.
(d) Butterfly wings.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who nurses Arn enough to bring him back to consciousness once he reaches Thailand?

2. As soon as Arn realizes he can see Thailand on the other side of the river, something about it frightens him and makes him want to stop and not go on. What is it about Thailand that frightens him?

3. When the group comes upon a little hidden village and the men beg Sombo and the boys not to hurt them, what does one of the men offer Sombo as a gift?

4. The group of child soldiers led by Sombo and referred to as Little Fish with the Big Sting is comprised of how many children?

5. When he is allowed a special privilege by the leader, what does he find himself doing for the first time in three years?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the scene of the Vietnamese soldiers walking through the village calling out to the people echo a scene from the first chapter of the novel? What is the effect of that allusion?

2. When Arn hears the conflicting reports on Sombo's radio, with the Voice of Angka saying that a victory for the Khmer Rouge is imminent and the American station saying that the Vietnamese are in control of the East and are taking more land every day, Arn doesn't know which report to believe. He does, though, hold on to one fact that he hears. What is that fact and why does he choose to keep it in mind?

3. For what reasons does Arn choose Sojeat and Ravi as his two favorites when Mr. Pond asks him for two names?

4. Why does Arn begin to shake after he boards the bus with the other refugees?

5. The theme of fame arises once again when the leader with the white shorts notices Arn due to the attention he has gotten for his music and dancing, so he tells Arn to come to his house to entertain at his party. What message is being sent about fame in this scene?

6. At the start of his stay in the hospital, how does the author demonstrate that Arn has contracted Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time under the rule of the Khmer Rouge?

7. What is the author's purpose for including Arn's comment that "now even the earth is our enemy"? (126)

8. How does the white rabbit enter the narrative of the story and what is its significance?

9. How is the theme of family shaped and twisted within the narrative when the camp erupts into chaos at the news that the Vietnamese soldiers are close?

10. Why does Arn distrust the radio reports he hears at the hospital?

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