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Patricia McCormick
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the first guard to make Sombo come to replace him?
(a) He falls asleep at his post one time and is never seen again.
(b) He runs away into the jungle.
(c) He goes on leave to get married.
(d) He eats too much rotten food and contracts a blood disease.

2. What event causes Arn to sneak out and plead with the new music teacher to start exerting effort in his teaching?
(a) Arn realizes that though he can play and teach all of the instruments to the other children, he wants a father figure to be their leader.
(b) Arn has taken a genuine interest in the musical arts and wants to do anything he can to fuel his new passion.
(c) A Khmer Rouge guard asks Arn how the band is progressing and whether the new music teacher has a good or a bad character.
(d) Arn knows that the new music teacher is a friend of his mother's and so he wants to preserve the teacher's life.

3. What method does Mek, the new music teacher, tell Arn that he uses to survive?
(a) He watches the birds fly.
(b) He dreams.
(c) He composes music.
(d) He thinks about one hour at a time.

4. The boy who runs away from camp and escapes amidst a flurry of gunfire by the Khmer Rouge is a former boyfriend of which of Arn's siblings?
(a) Munny.
(b) Mali.
(c) Jorami.
(d) Sophea.

5. When Sophea shows up at the camp, what reason does she give for their aunt sending her to look for Arn?
(a) Their aunt wants him to take care of Sophea at his camp.
(b) Their aunt hopes that he can come join them at their camp.
(c) Their aunt wants him to come home to their old village.
(d) Their aunt hopes that he has food for them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Khmer Rouge trick the government soldiers into assembling together at the airport so that they can be killed more efficiently?

2. When another child captive tells on Arn for lying to increase his number of work breaks, what do the Khmer Rouge soldiers impose as Arn's punishment?

3. What causes Arn to think that finally the Khmer Rouge may have won the metaphorical battle between himself and the soldiers?

4. Upon realizing that Arn is teasing him by putting a stone on his chest instead of the customary lump of sugar, Mek tells Arn that he has a treat for him. What is the treat?

5. What is Arn's first reaction when a girl sitting next to him at dinner suddenly dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the escape from camp by the boy from Arn's village?

2. What does Arn tell the reader about his family background within the exposition part of the story?

3. Though at first, the villagers think that the jeeps and trucks pouring into the village is a good sign and means that the war is over, what is the first thing that happens to make Arn realize that the opposite is true?

4. How does the author use the juxtaposition between the kitchen girl's molestation of Arn and the comfort he then seeks within Mek's embrace? What is her purpose in using this juxtaposition?

5. What happens to the pregnant woman and her husband who are walking next to Arn within the mass exodus of all cities? What lesson does Arn learn from seeing what happens?

6. How is the theme of generosity demonstrated in the scene when the children are finally fed rice in anticipation of their first performance for the Khmer Rouge soldiers?

7. When the current leader of the camp tells Mek that he and band will soon be going somewhere new, they are all terrified that they will be killed instead and that this is just another instance of the Khmer Rouge's euphemisms. However, they are not killed and what happens instead introduces the theme of fame into the novel. What happens in lieu of their deaths?

8. When Arn sneaks out to tell Mek about the soldier who forced him to cook the liver of a murdered captive, he is caught by a soldier but does not suffer the dire consequences he is expecting. What happens instead and what significance does it hold for Arn?

9. When Arn finally realizes the true purpose of the band's music, he is shocked and saddened. What is that purpose and how does it transform Arn's idea of the music he plays with the other members of the band under Mek's guidance?

10. Who is the emaciated girl with the missing teeth and loose skin who arrives at Arn's camp and what does he learn from her?

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