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Patricia McCormick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the only other boy at the Children's Center who was formerly a child soldier besides Arn?
(a) Ravi.
(b) Koong.
(c) Sojeat.
(d) Runty.

2. After Arn becomes a sort of personal assistant to the leader with the white shorts, what privilege is he granted?
(a) He gets to sleep in late and eat a breakfast of rice cakes.
(b) He gets to go in the leader's room to sleep on a soft feather pillow on the floor.
(c) He gets to ride the leader's white horse.
(d) He gets to run as fast as he wants, a practice normally forbidden so that escapes may be detected.

3. What special food does Arn steal from the leader's house party so that he can share it with Siv and Kha when he returns to camp?
(a) Sweet potato.
(b) Banyan fruit.
(c) Cheese.
(d) Marshmallow.

4. When he is allowed a special privilege by the leader, what does he find himself doing for the first time in three years?
(a) Regretting his poor treatment of Siv when they first met.
(b) Laughing.
(c) Thinking about his mother.
(d) Hoping he'll live a long life.

5. What happens the first time Arn and and another Little Fish go to drop grenades into the tanks of the Vietnamese soldiers?
(a) Arn and the other boy are both successful and feel very proud of their accomplishment.
(b) The other boy gets scared and doesn't join Arn in climbing onto the tank, but Arn fulfills the mission.
(c) Arn gets scared and doesn't climb onto the tank and the other boy gets hurt as a result.
(d) Arn is successful at the mission but the other boy's foot is blown off.

6. Once Sombo's group dwindles to a number of only seven kids, plus Sombo and Koong, they become so tired that they drop most of what they have been carrying. What are the two things they continue to carry?
(a) Guns and bullets.
(b) Water and food.
(c) Cooking pots and kindling.
(d) Extra socks and underwear.

7. How does Arn describe the Cambodian villages they come upon that are still left standing?
(a) Uninhabitable due to the radiation left by the Vietnamese weaponry.
(b) Ashy ruins where villages used to be.
(c) Starting to show signs of life again, with people returning to their normal lives.
(d) Empty of people, all covered in vines and weeds.

8. Why does Arn start to suspect that Koong is Sombo's new favorite boy?
(a) Sombo now gives Koong extra food.
(b) Sombo tells Arn not to be jealous, but it just makes Arn sure his suspicions are correct.
(c) Sombo now sleeps alongside Koong.
(d) Sombo now speaks roughly to Arn, while speaking sweetly to Koong.

9. When Arn has a touching moment with the baby monkey but then snaps its neck and wonders why he has done this terrible thing, what conclusion does he come to?
(a) He realizes that he did it because he has to think about surviving every minute of every day.
(b) He realizes that he did it because he saw the monkey having a good time with its family and he was jealous.
(c) He realizes that he did it because he hasn't killed anyone in a long time and has a thirst for killing.
(d) He realizes that he did it because he was hugging the monkey so hard that he didn't realize he was throttling it.

10. For the first few days in the hospital, Arn is given a certain food to keep him alive. What is that food?
(a) Honey.
(b) Guava fruit.
(c) Yogurt.
(d) Powdered milk.

11. When Arn finds Sophea lying motionless, he considers killing her to save her from rape, from murder at another's hands, or from being eaten by wild animals. He doesn't, instead choosing to take what action?
(a) Tell Koong to watch over her until she dies and to join up with the group again later.
(b) Hide her the best he can.
(c) Keep walking.
(d) Help her into a tree so the animals cannot get her.

12. What is the news being reported on the radio when Sombo quickly turns it off to prevent Arn from hearing?
(a) The Khmer Rouge have taken over every major city and every small village in Cambodia.
(b) The rice fields in Cambodia are full of the joyful voices of peasants working in the fields.
(c) Vietnamese soldiers are coming across the border to take over Cambodia by fighting the Khmer Rouge.
(d) Everyone in Cambodia is fleeing to Thailand to escape the Khmer Rouge.

13. What simile does Arn use to describe his sister's appearance when he sees her?
(a) Like a tiny old woman.
(b) Like a tired mother.
(c) Like a whisper of air.
(d) Like an overworked horse.

14. What happens the first time Arn plays volleyball?
(a) He runs into another kid, bloodying both of their noses.
(b) He spikes the ball over the net and scores a point for his team.
(c) He sprains his ankle diving for the ball.
(d) He tucks into a crouch when the ball falls from the sky toward him.

15. What does Arn do when the pretty woman with the long braid begs Arn to shoot her?
(a) He gives her some of his food.
(b) He shoots her.
(c) He drags her into a hut to hide from the other soldiers.
(d) He tells her everything will be alright.

Short Answer Questions

1. Arn knows there are wild animals in the jungle that may eat him, so he climbs a tree to sleep. What animal does he suspect has spent the night under his tree when he sees the grass lying down?

2. The author uses the occasion of Arn's transition into the role of soldier to refer back to events at the start of the novel. What are those events and what triggers them in Arn's thoughts?

3. When Missus Gotobed warns the children that the refugee camp on the other side of the fence is dangerous, why does Arn still walk back and forth along the fence one day?

4. Just before the radio's batteries die, what do they hear the voice of Angka saying in the news report?

5. When Arn, Kha, and Siv are allowed to go in the pond to wash, they try to sink to the bottom, partly in order to escape the world above the water. Why can they not sink very far down for very long?

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