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Patricia McCormick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author uses the occasion of Arn's transition into the role of soldier to refer back to events at the start of the novel. What are those events and what triggers them in Arn's thoughts?
(a) He straps a gun and ammunition to his chest and it reminds him of playing soldiers with his little brother Munny, just as they did after the movie so long ago.
(b) He looks up into the sky and hears the rat-a-tat-tat of artillery, which makes him think of the sound his cheap vendor bell used to make as he sold from his cart.
(c) He remembers a prayer and recites it out loud, causing him to think about the monk teacher whom he used to bribe so he could skip school to sell his wares.
(d) He feels a sense of power from being armed and likens it to the feeling he used to get from earning his own money and having the power to buy things other kids couldn't.

2. What event causes Arn to question whether Sombo is still his friend or not?
(a) Arn overhears Sombo telling another soldier how annoying he finds Arn's behavior.
(b) Arn sees Sombo strike Siv in the face for being clumsy.
(c) Sombo swears at him and spits on the ground when Sombo asks to go wherever Sombo is being taken by the high-ranking soldier.
(d) Sombo refuses to share his extra rice with Arn.

3. The group of child soldiers led by Sombo and referred to as Little Fish with the Big Sting is comprised of how many children?
(a) 80.
(b) 10.
(c) 40.
(d) 20.

4. When Sombo takes Arn away from the group, his parting from Kha and Siv is especially hard. What about the separation makes it particularly tough for Arn?
(a) He has grown over time to hate Sombo, so Kha and Siv are the only friends he has left.
(b) He has planned to learn how to play the xylophone from Kha and how to play soccer from Siv, but now it's too late.
(c) He has planned to give Kha and Siv his only blanket, but Sombo takes him away before he can do so.
(d) Sombo takes him away without warning, so he does not get to say goodbye to Kha and Siv, who are now like brothers to him.

5. Thinking he hears gunfire one night at the hospital, Arn awakes with a start and reaches for his gun. What is actually making the sound that he mistakes for gunfire?
(a) Chickens in the yard.
(b) Starlings in the tree.
(c) Kids whispering across the room.
(d) Rain on the roof.

6. After Arns separates from the other boys, he wants to get to Thailand. What is the only landmark he knows about that will signal him he's about to get to Thailand?
(a) He knows he will have to cross a river.
(b) He knows he will have to climb the tallest mountain of three peaks on the horizon.
(c) He knows he will have to wade through a swamp.
(d) He knows he will have to cross a series of three bridges.

7. What simile does Arn use to describe his sister's appearance when he sees her?
(a) Like a tired mother.
(b) Like a whisper of air.
(c) Like a tiny old woman.
(d) Like an overworked horse.

8. What two factions are represented by the radio stations they listen to on Sombo's radio?
(a) The Voice of Thailand and the Khmer Rouge.
(b) Vietnam and Cambodia.
(c) The Voice of America and Bangkok.
(d) Angka and the Voice of America.

9. What sets Arn apart from the rest of the group and causes his fame to grow by the day?
(a) He never complains about the hours of practice he must endure to master the xylophone.
(b) He is more handsome than the other boys in the band.
(c) He plays musical instruments, sings, and dances, all while smiling.
(d) He is more obedient than the other boys, so the Khmer Rouge reward him by spreading the word about his talents.

10. What happens the first time Arn plays volleyball?
(a) He tucks into a crouch when the ball falls from the sky toward him.
(b) He spikes the ball over the net and scores a point for his team.
(c) He runs into another kid, bloodying both of their noses.
(d) He sprains his ankle diving for the ball.

11. After the tragedy, Arn goes to see the Khmer Rouge soldier boy who has told Arn and the other Little Fish that they are not real soldiers. What does he do before he goes to see this boy?
(a) He puts on white shorts and takes off his shirt.
(b) He paints his face with blood.
(c) He changes into an all-black uniform.
(d) He borrows everyone's rifles and hangs them all across his body.

12. When Arn has fallen so ill that he's afraid he will die, an American man comes to the hospital. What does Arn do in order to get the man's attention?
(a) He screams as loud as he can as the man passes by Arn's bed.
(b) He throws his breakfast across the room.
(c) He intentionally falls off his bed into the man's pathway.
(d) He casts a pleading look at the man as he passes by Arn's bed.

13. When Missus Gotobed warns the children that the refugee camp on the other side of the fence is dangerous, why does Arn still walk back and forth along the fence one day?
(a) He wants to appear brave in the eyes of the other kids,
(b) He wants to look for any family or friends.
(c) He has heard that Sombo is in this refugee camp.
(d) He wants to see if he can spot any Khmer Rouge soldiers that he can plot to kill later.

14. For the first few days in the hospital, Arn is given a certain food to keep him alive. What is that food?
(a) Honey.
(b) Guava fruit.
(c) Powdered milk.
(d) Yogurt.

15. Why does Sombo return to the hidden village to kill everyone who lives there?
(a) Because he has become thirsty for blood after a lack of battle for so long.
(b) Because he goes back to steal their food and they put up a struggle, so he kills them.
(c) Because he thinks they told the Vietnamese his group's location.
(d) Because he is worried that if he does not, the villagers will sneak into their camp and kill them first.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Pond's question to Arn about which two boys are his favorite elicits a response naming Sojeat and Ravi, even though Arn admits to the reader that his actual favorite boy is Runty. Why does he not list Runty among the names he tells Mr. Pond?

2. As soon as Arn realizes he can see Thailand on the other side of the river, something about it frightens him and makes him want to stop and not go on. What is it about Thailand that frightens him?

3. When the radio makes clear that the Vietnamese soldiers really are coming, chaos erupts and many children run away in the melee. Sombo asks Arn why he doesn't run away to find his family. Why does Arn not run away?

4. Though at first Arn is furious with Mr. Pond for taking chances that lead to him being shot by a Thai guard, Mr. Pond then reveals news that makes Arn ecstatic. What is that news?

5. When Arn becomes delirious with hunger, he sees the monkey family and then his own family and they chant words to him over and over. What are those words he hears them chant?

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