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Patricia McCormick
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what country is Arn's hometown?
(a) Vietnam.
(b) India.
(c) Thailand.
(d) Cambodia.

2. When the Khmer Rouge evacuate all of the cities in order to force everyone into agricultural work, how many days do they tell the villagers they will be gone?
(a) 14 days.
(b) 5 days.
(c) 3 days.
(d) 10 days.

3. What does Arn do with the food the kitchen girl gives him after she is done using him for her pleasure?
(a) He gives it to the Khmer Rouge leader with the white shorts.
(b) He puts it aside in case he sees his family again.
(c) He gives it to Siv or Kha or Mek.
(d) He throws it on the ground and stomps on it.

4. When a new letter carrier arrives to bring news to the camp, what news does he bring to Arn?
(a) He tells Arn that his mother is alive and is living in a nearby camp.
(b) He tells Arn that his older sister Chantou has died of sickness.
(c) He tells Arn that his aunt has died of starvation.
(d) He tells Arn that his sister Jorami has escaped with another boy from their home village.

5. What do the rich kids do to Arn when he is selling his wares near the school?
(a) They throw stones at him.
(b) They push over his cart in the gutter.
(c) They run to buy his wares.
(d) They spit on him.

6. When another child captive tells on Arn for lying to increase his number of work breaks, what do the Khmer Rouge soldiers impose as Arn's punishment?
(a) He is forced to burn his uniform.
(b) He is refused food for three days.
(c) He is forced to sleep in a pile of manure for three nights.
(d) He is tied to a tree and chastised by the other child captives.

7. Arn eventually discovers the real reason that the band is asked to play at several specific times each day. What is the reason?
(a) To keep the band members from running away into the jungle.
(b) To keep the spirits of the soldiers high.
(c) To cover the sound of skulls being cracked as the Khmer Rouge murder captives.
(d) To make the field workers dance at regular intervals to amuse the soldiers.

8. When the trucks of Khmer Rouge soldiers first arrive, what does the radio tell the Cambodian people to do?
(a) To give the soldiers whatever they can and show that they support them.
(b) To run away as fast as they can and take nothing with them.
(c) To learn how to use guns so that they may join the throng of soldiers.
(d) To do nothing and say nothing when the soldiers speak to them.

9. How did Arn's father die?
(a) In a motorcycle accident.
(b) In a battle near their village.
(c) In a stage accident during an opera performance.
(d) In the hospital while suffering from malaria.

10. Who is in the picture that Arn hangs on his bedroom wall at the beginning of the novel?
(a) The young U.S. President's widow, Jackie Kennedy.
(b) The Prince of Cambodia's daughter.
(c) His mother during her opera heyday.
(d) The first lady of the United States.

11. Sophea brings news that someone in Arn's family has died while calling out for him. Who is it?
(a) Their sister Jorami.
(b) Their brother Munny.
(c) Their mother.
(d) Their sister Mali.

12. When Arn is told by a Khmer Rouge soldier that he has a new job in addition to his job as a musician in the band, what does that new job turn out to be?
(a) He has to cook for all of the children in the camp.
(b) He has to take away the material belongings from the captives' tents and give them to the soldiers.
(c) He has to push the dead and dying into the mass grave in the mango grove.
(d) He has to clean the area where the whole camp relieves themselves.

13. While the captives subsist on tiny amounts of rice and garbage, what do the Khmer Rouge eat?
(a) Caviar, foie gras, and steak.
(b) Sardines, mussels, and clams.
(c) Chicken, fish, and lemongrass.
(d) Grass, leaves, and clay.

14. The first person Arn sees in over a year who is not wearing a black uniform is the new leader who arrives at the camp. How does Arn describe his appearance?
(a) He is wearing black shorts and a white shirt.
(b) He is wearing a linen caftan.
(c) He is wearing white shorts and no shirt.
(d) He is wearing a business suit.

15. The boy who runs away from camp and escapes amidst a flurry of gunfire by the Khmer Rouge is a former boyfriend of which of Arn's siblings?
(a) Jorami.
(b) Mali.
(c) Sophea.
(d) Munny.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the stringed instrument called that Arn learns to play in the band?

2. What causes Arn to think that finally the Khmer Rouge may have won the metaphorical battle between himself and the soldiers?

3. When some new children arrive at the camp and one of them refuses to cut her hair, how is she punished?

4. The Khmer Rouge tell the band that they are going on a trip and everyone is expecting to be killed. Instead, what happens?

5. Why does Arn at first hesitate to volunteer when a high-ranking Khmer Rouge soldier asks who wants to play music in a band within the camp?

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