Never Fall Down Short Essay - Answer Key

Patricia McCormick
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1. How does Arn describe his village at the opening of the novel before the Khmer Rouge arrive?

Arn describes his village as a bustling place, alive with activity, particularly at night. He says that music of all types is being played everywhere all the time, including Cambodian and French love songs and American rock 'n roll such as Chubby Checker. Young and old alike are described as being busy and happy within the community.

2. What do Arn and his little brother Munny do after they sneak in to see the American movie and what happens to make them hide?

They go out in a field to enact their own version of the war they have just seen play out on the movie screen. But when they hear loud sounds and see white flashes in the sky caused by real war activities just outside their town, they become scared and hide in the pond up to their noses.

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