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Patricia McCormick
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Sombo return to the hidden village to kill everyone who lives there?
(a) Because he thinks they told the Vietnamese his group's location.
(b) Because he is worried that if he does not, the villagers will sneak into their camp and kill them first.
(c) Because he goes back to steal their food and they put up a struggle, so he kills them.
(d) Because he has become thirsty for blood after a lack of battle for so long.

2. The morning just before the Khmer Rouge drive through the village making announcements on their bullhorns, what sounds are noticeably absent?
(a) The sound of birds chirping and the sound of the wind in the trees.
(b) The sound of monks chanting and the sound of the temple gong.
(c) The sound of children laughing and the sound of vendors selling their wares.
(d) The sound of gunfire and the sound of explosions.

3. After the children in the band have had no rice for many days, the Khmer Rouge tell them they are getting a special dinner of banana peels, rice husks, and rotten pieces of food. Arn knows that this is usually the food given to which kind of farm animal?
(a) A goat.
(b) A pig.
(c) A horse.
(d) A chicken.

4. As soon as Arn realizes he can see Thailand on the other side of the river, something about it frightens him and makes him want to stop and not go on. What is it about Thailand that frightens him?
(a) He sees huge storm clouds gathering in the distance and is afraid Thailand is about to be hit by a monsoon.
(b) He sees many fires and does not know whether they have been set by soldiers or if they are being used by villagers to cook.
(c) He worries that because he is unable to speak Thai, someone will mistake him for their enemy and he will be killed.
(d) It appears to be a vast stretch of wide open land with nowhere for him to hide.

5. What product does Arn skip school to sell, much to the chagrin of his older sister?
(a) Bowls of rice.
(b) Cigarettes.
(c) Ice cream.
(d) Shoes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once Sombo's group dwindles to a number of only seven kids, plus Sombo and Koong, they become so tired that they drop most of what they have been carrying. What are the two things they continue to carry?

2. Why does Arn save most of the candy Mr. Pond gives him in order to give it to Sojeat and Ravi?

3. The American man whom Arn at first calls Jesus Monk, later finding out his name is Mr. Pond, takes pity on Arn and gives him medicine to cure what ailment?

4. Why does Arn decide he wants to become good at volleyball once he sees this is the most popular game at the Children's Center?

5. Why does Arn at first hesitate to volunteer when a high-ranking Khmer Rouge soldier asks who wants to play music in a band within the camp?

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