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Patricia McCormick
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 10-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Arn that makes the soldier let him go without even a warning when he is caught sneaking to Mek's tent in the night?
(a) His fame as a khim player.
(b) His decision to stand up to the soldier and not allow himself to be controlled.
(c) His kind words about the soldier's sister.
(d) His smile.

2. Though the Khmer Rouge blame the bad rice harvest on the laziness of the workers, Arn knows it is actually due to what reason?
(a) Villagers have crept into camp in the night and have stolen rice.
(b) Substandard rice seed was used.
(c) The monsoons have submerged the rice for too long and it has been unable to grow effectively.
(d) The soil has been planted too many times with no rest.

3. What creatures does the author depict fleeing from the sounds of war in order to underscore the theme of the unnatural?
(a) Spiders.
(b) Lizards.
(c) Birds.
(d) Monkeys.

4. What happens the first time Arn and and another Little Fish go to drop grenades into the tanks of the Vietnamese soldiers?
(a) Arn is successful at the mission but the other boy's foot is blown off.
(b) Arn gets scared and doesn't climb onto the tank and the other boy gets hurt as a result.
(c) Arn and the other boy are both successful and feel very proud of their accomplishment.
(d) The other boy gets scared and doesn't join Arn in climbing onto the tank, but Arn fulfills the mission.

5. How do Arn and his little brother Munny get in to see the American movie?
(a) They borrow money from their older sister, Jorami.
(b) They hide behind the skirts of a large paying customer.
(c) They beg for money outside the theater.
(d) They sneak in through the back door exit.

Short Answer Questions

1. In order to add to his fame even more and thus add to his probability of survival, Arn adds what talent to his repertoire in addition to his playing of the khim?

2. When the five-year-old boy that reminds Arn of his little brother sneaks out night after night, returning only in the morning, what does Arn eventually find out he is doing?

3. The morning just before the Khmer Rouge drive through the village making announcements on their bullhorns, what sounds are noticeably absent?

4. Why do Arn and his siblings live with their aunt?

5. When the Little Fish receive automatic rifles, a tragedy happens. What is it?

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