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Patricia McCormick
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to cause Arn to say that now "even the earth is our enemy" (126)?
(a) The vegetables they plant won't grow.
(b) Vietnamese soldiers leap out of a ditch to attack their group.
(c) When they bury their dead, the earth expels their bloated bodies.
(d) Their rice girl steps on a land mine and loses her leg.

2. How does Arn describe the monks at the temple school?
(a) He says they are hard to communicate with since they've taken a vow of silence.
(b) He says they are kind but that they make the children work all the time.
(c) He says they are corrupt and secretly take bribes from government officials.
(d) He says they are mean and that they make the children work all the time.

3. When another child captive tells on Arn for lying to increase his number of work breaks, what do the Khmer Rouge soldiers impose as Arn's punishment?
(a) He is forced to sleep in a pile of manure for three nights.
(b) He is forced to burn his uniform.
(c) He is refused food for three days.
(d) He is tied to a tree and chastised by the other child captives.

4. When Sombo takes Arn away from the group, his parting from Kha and Siv is especially hard. What about the separation makes it particularly tough for Arn?
(a) He has grown over time to hate Sombo, so Kha and Siv are the only friends he has left.
(b) Sombo takes him away without warning, so he does not get to say goodbye to Kha and Siv, who are now like brothers to him.
(c) He has planned to give Kha and Siv his only blanket, but Sombo takes him away before he can do so.
(d) He has planned to learn how to play the xylophone from Kha and how to play soccer from Siv, but now it's too late.

5. What happens the first time Arn and and another Little Fish go to drop grenades into the tanks of the Vietnamese soldiers?
(a) Arn is successful at the mission but the other boy's foot is blown off.
(b) The other boy gets scared and doesn't join Arn in climbing onto the tank, but Arn fulfills the mission.
(c) Arn and the other boy are both successful and feel very proud of their accomplishment.
(d) Arn gets scared and doesn't climb onto the tank and the other boy gets hurt as a result.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Arn's father die?

2. Why do Arn and his siblings live with their aunt?

3. What is Arn's first reaction when a girl sitting next to him at dinner suddenly dies?

4. When the Khmer Rouge soldiers take all of the captives' clothes and burn them, what clothing do they provide instead?

5. What simile does Arn use to describe his sister's appearance when he sees her?

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