Objects & Places from Never Fall Down

Patricia McCormick
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Frogging Pond

This is where Arn likes to play war with Hong and is the place he recognizes again when wandering by himself after separating from Sombo.


A truck bearing the name of this product is part of the mass exodus that separates Arn from his family and this product is also given to Arn by the family that ends up being killed by Sombo.

Ice Cream

This product is sold by Arn to make extra money and it is also purchased by Arn, Sojeat, and Ravi in the Bangkok airport on their way to America.

Buffalo Toe Tree Seeds

These objects are used as ammunition within the boys’ blowguns when they are playing a make-believe game of war.

Black Uniforms

These objects are worn by all Khmer Rouge members, ultimately being forced upon all Cambodians by the regime in order to ensure a lack of individual...

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