Never Fall Down Fun Activities

Patricia McCormick
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Choose a Song

Perseverance is a major theme McCormick uses in the novel. Choose a song with the theme of perseverance and play it for the class.

Act Out a Scene

Choose a short scene from the novel, prepare a script, and act out the scene in a small group.

Conduct an Interview

Interview someone who has seen war firsthand. Videotape the interview to be shown to the class.

Research an Instrument

Arn’s identity becomes very wrapped up in his mastery of the khim, a musical instrument similar to a dulcimer. Choose and research a musical instrument from a culture different than your own. Play a recording of that instrument for the class.

Conduct a Trust Fall

It takes enormous trust on Arn’s part to climb into the trunk of Peter’s Mercedes, particularly with all of the betrayals and heartbreak he has already seen by...

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