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Patricia McCormick
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Essay Topic 1

The motif of music is a prominent characteristic of the novel's narrative. Describe and analyze at least three instances of music references in the novel, providing a comprehensive analysis of the author's purpose in using music as a motif.

Essay Topic 2

Due to the horrific nature of the war in which Arn is forced to participate, he starts to show signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) fairly early on in the novel. Research the symptoms of PTSD, find instances of Arn displaying these symptoms, and discuss how the inclusion of such symptoms contributes to the author's message about war.

Essay Topic 3

Deception is a theme that shows up often, beginning with the Khmer Rouge's tricking of the citizens in Arn's village and leading to their murders by the regime. Develop a claim stating the author's message regarding deception and prove your claim with at least three...

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