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Short Answer Questions

1. The diameter of the wolf paw prints are how large?

2. Mowat's radio has a range of how many miles?

3. Another source of food for the wolves is:

4. What does Mowat do when he hears the wolf howl?

5. Young Mowat finds what dying animals on his grandparents' land?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mowat do to protect himself when he thinks he hears wolves approaching?

2. How did Mowat's grandmother react to his wildlife project?

3. What do the strange wolves do when they are with Angeline?

4. What plan does Mowat undertake in the morning?

5. How do the wolves confound Farley Mowat's expectations in this chapter?

6. Where does Farley Mowat move to when he leaves the cabin?

7. How does the wolf keep the caribou herd strong?

8. Why is Mowat especially embarrassed when Angeline shows her disdain of him?

9. What conclusion does Mowat draw from the number of bones in the area around the cabin?

10. What stories did Mowat hear from the people in Churchill about wolves?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In Never Cry Wolf, we learn that wolves and other animals have natural controls on their population. Write a research paper about another type of animal and what limits their population from growing out of control.

Essay Topic 2

Research and write a paper on the scientific experiments on animals and language. What have scientists learned about animals and language since Farley Mowat wrote Never Cry Wolf?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the techniques that Farley Mowat uses in this book to create humor. List all the different types of humor in the book, giving at least two examples of each technique.

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