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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Farley Mowat doing when he sees the wolves in this chapter?
(a) Sleeping
(b) Swimming
(c) Shaving
(d) Eating

2. This chapter takes place during which month?
(a) August
(b) October
(c) July
(d) September

3. Why do the pups run for their shelter?
(a) A black bear lumbers by
(b) A kestrel screams nearby
(c) A raven passes overhead
(d) Mowat starts making noise

4. Why does Mowat go into the wolves' den?
(a) To hide inside it
(b) To look for George
(c) To collect wolf scats
(d) To measure it

5. When being seriously chased by a wolf, the caribou tended to run:
(a) Towards the river
(b) Up the nearest hill
(c) In zig-zags
(d) In circles

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Uncle Albert relieve Farley Mowat's boredom during the summer?

2. Mowat goes to view an alleged slaughter of deer by wolves in what location?

3. What was the estimate that Mowat finally came to regarding the wolf population?

4. How many wolf-killed caribou did Farley Mowat examine?

5. Mowat used Uncle Albert in this chapter to observe what aspect of wolf behavior?

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