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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mowat explaining when Mike runs away?
(a) Human dissection
(b) Map reading
(c) Bone setting
(d) Brain surgery

2. What does Mowat observe the wolves doing?
(a) Marking their territory
(b) Hunting a single caribou
(c) Playing tag with each other
(d) Fighting over some meat

3. What does Farley Mowat NOT take with him to his new location?
(a) A sleeping bag
(b) A tea kettle
(c) A stewpot
(d) A weapon

4. What type of aircraft flies Mowat to Churchill?
(a) Medium-sized jet
(b) Twin-engine plane
(c) Small cargo plane
(d) Large helicopter

(a) Wolf howls
(b) Goose honks
(c) Bat squeaks
(d) Moose calls

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the pilot promise to return?

2. In order to avoid detection, Mowat sets his observation point:

3. Mowat chooses which professional field?

4. Who introduces Mowat to wolf-juice?

5. Mowat's field professor is an expert on which rodent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What unfortunate incident happens after Farley Mowat sets out his mouse traps?

2. What resolution does Farley Mowat make at the end of this chapter?

3. What incident stated Farley Mowat on his future career as a biologist?

4. What was the purpose of the tear-gas grenades that Farley Mowat was equipped with?

5. What is "wolf-juice?"

6. How do the wolves confound Farley Mowat's expectations in this chapter?

7. What does Mowat do to protect himself when he thinks he hears wolves approaching?

8. In the story that Ootek tells, what is the relationship of the wolf and the caribou?

9. Where did the pilot end up leaving Mowat?

10. Why did the pilot scold Mowat?

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