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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Mowat have to shut his eyes while throwing the Raunkaier's Circle?
(a) To make sure he didn't see where it landed
(b) To keep himself from becoming too dizzy
(c) To keep himself from being blinded by the sun
(d) To make sure it landed in a random spot

2. Mowat tells about one hunter killing over a hundred wolves in a single by using what method?
(a) A single rifle
(b) Widespread poison
(c) Several wolf traps
(d) A machine gun

3. What parasite does Farley Mowat show to Ootek?
(a) A large mosquito
(b) An inactive tapeworm
(c) A sucker fish
(d) An nest of maggots

4. What does Mowat find inside the wolves' den?
(a) A group of foxes
(b) Nothing
(c) Angeline and a pup
(d) George and Albert

5. Mowat goes to view an alleged slaughter of deer by wolves in what location?
(a) Mt. McKinley
(b) Manitoba Springs
(c) Fishduck Lake
(d) Churchill Downs

6. What does Mike do when Ootek tells him about the wolves' message?
(a) He ties the dogs close to the cabin
(b) He packs up for a hunting trip
(c) He sets out traps for the wolves
(d) He closes the cabin door for the night

7. Where does Farley Mowat go to observe the pups?
(a) A grove of pine trees
(b) An outcropping of rocks
(c) To the shore of the river
(d) A hill above the den

8. In Ootek's story, what happened to a litter of orphaned wolf cubs?
(a) They were sold to a white trapper
(b) They were adopted by another pair of wolves
(c) They were taken in by Ootek and his dogs
(d) They died from starvation after two weeks

9. According to Ootek, wolf cubs have even been adopted by:
(a) Grizzly bears
(b) Human mothers
(c) Arctic foxes
(d) Caribou herds

10. From what direction does Ootek claim to hear wolf howls?
(a) Southwest
(b) North
(c) South
(d) East

11. Which wolf seems the most restless?
(a) George
(b) Angeline
(c) Albert
(d) One of the pups

12. How many wolf-killed caribou did Farley Mowat examine?
(a) 67
(b) 17
(c) 27
(d) 57

13. How many caribou is a wolf pack likely to kill on a single hunt?
(a) One or less
(b) Three or four
(c) Two or three
(d) As many as possible

14. What do the male caribou do when the wolves appear?
(a) Nothing
(b) Bellow loudly
(c) Run at them
(d) Charge them

15. What sound does Angeline make when she recognizes the visiting wolves?
(a) A whine
(b) A growl
(c) A bark
(d) A howl

Short Answer Questions

1. What can happen if you ingest nematode worms?

2. What was the estimate that Mowat finally came to regarding the wolf population?

3. Which governmental agency was asked to search for Farley Mowat?

4. What did Ootek later tell him they were doing?

5. Which of the three vegetation studies does Farley Mowat decide to undertake?

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