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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many people did the rabid wolf kill?
(a) Three
(b) One
(c) None
(d) Two

2. How was the wolf finally killed?
(a) He was killed by a bear
(b) He was shot by a soldier
(c) He was struck by a car
(d) He died of the disease

3. What sound does Angeline make when she recognizes the visiting wolves?
(a) A bark
(b) A growl
(c) A whine
(d) A howl

4. A hunting wolf would mostly likely target which of the following?
(a) A healthy buck
(b) A deformed fawn
(c) A pregnant doe
(d) A young buck

5. Mowat describes the puppies as being roughly the same size and shape as what?
(a) Marmosets
(b) Groundhogs
(c) Otters
(d) Foxes

6. What did Ootek later tell him they were doing?
(a) Trying to clothe him
(b) Trying to save him
(c) Trying to hunt caribou
(d) Trying to scare him

7. What was the estimate that Mowat finally came to regarding the wolf population?
(a) 30,000
(b) 300
(c) 3,000
(d) 300,000

8. In late June, Mowat observed the wolves doing what?
(a) Visiting with another group of wolves
(b) Attack and killing a caribou
(c) Fighting off a group of foxes
(d) Moving the pups to a new location

9. What time did Ootek say George and Albert would return to the den?
(a) 12:17 p.m.
(b) At dusk
(c) About midday
(d) Near dawn

10. What does Mike do when Ootek tells him about the wolves' message?
(a) He packs up for a hunting trip
(b) He ties the dogs close to the cabin
(c) He closes the cabin door for the night
(d) He sets out traps for the wolves

11. How many strange wolves arrive at the den while George and Albert are hunting?
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) Four
(d) Two

12. What does Mowat do after leaving the wolves' den?
(a) He smokes a cigarette
(b) He makes a few notes
(c) He picks up a stone
(d) He swims in the river

13. When do the caribou migrate South?
(a) In November
(b) In October
(c) In September
(d) In December

14. How many wolf-killed caribou did Farley Mowat examine?
(a) 57
(b) 27
(c) 17
(d) 67

15. Who chases the does and fawns out of the valley?
(a) The pups
(b) George
(c) Albert
(d) Angeline

Short Answer Questions

1. Why, according to Mowat, are the wolves taking a holiday?

2. According to Mike, one of the wolves is:

3. What did Mowat cook for his guests?

4. According to Mowat, the ideal size for a wolf traveling band is how many?

5. Mowat used Uncle Albert in this chapter to observe what aspect of wolf behavior?

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