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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What study did Mowat take up after losing the Raunkiaer's Circle?
(a) He did a survey on the number of ducks
(b) He studied the wolf scats he'd collected
(c) He found a dead wolf and dissected it
(d) He compared wolf and dog behavior

2. What event finally convinces Mowat that Ootek can understand wolf language?
(a) Ootek uses the wolf's information to find caribou
(b) Ootek tells Mowat what time the wolves will return
(c) Ootek tells Mike that the river will be flooding soon
(d) Ootek learns about approaching friends from the wolves

3. How many strange wolves arrive at the den while George and Albert are hunting?
(a) Five
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) Three

4. What does Albert try hunting while Mowat watches?
(a) Ducks
(b) Sculpin
(c) Squirrels
(d) Mice

5. What emotion does Mowat feel after he leaves the den?
(a) Rage
(b) Wonder
(c) Happiness
(d) Sorrow

6. According to Mowat, the ideal size for a wolf traveling band is how many?
(a) Ten to fifteen individuals
(b) One to five individuals
(c) Three to seven individuals
(d) Five to ten individuals

7. What do the caribou do when Mowat appears?
(a) Run away
(b) Nothing
(c) Bellow loudly
(d) Charge him

8. What, according to Ootek, are the wolves howling about?
(a) Other wolves
(b) Hunters
(c) A storm
(d) Caribou

9. Why does Mowat go into the wolves' den?
(a) To hide inside it
(b) To measure it
(c) To collect wolf scats
(d) To look for George

10. Mowat confesses that he didn't believe Ootek's story until what happens?
(a) He hears a similar story from a white naturalist
(b) Mowat sees the wolves he's observing do the same thing
(c) Mike insists that the story was true and he was there
(d) Ootek takes him on a trip to visit the site of the event

11. How many caribou had been killed?
(a) Ten
(b) Twenty-three
(c) Eighteen
(d) Thirteen

12. From what direction does Ootek claim to hear wolf howls?
(a) North
(b) East
(c) South
(d) Southwest

13. When do the caribou migrate South?
(a) In December
(b) In September
(c) In November
(d) In October

14. Which of the three vegetation studies does Farley Mowat decide to undertake?
(a) The
(b) The
(c) The
(d) The

15. What is the name of Mike's dog that Mowat uses in his experiment?
(a) Kona
(b) Kaila
(c) Kara
(d) Kooa

Short Answer Questions

1. How much is the bounty offered for dead wolves, according to Mowat?

2. Farley Mowat notes that in June, Angeline began to show signs of:

3. Mowat used Uncle Albert in this chapter to observe what aspect of wolf behavior?

4. Why did Mowat have to shut his eyes while throwing the Raunkaier's Circle?

5. Where does Farley Mowat go to observe the pups?

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