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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many caribou is a wolf pack likely to kill on a single hunt?
(a) Three or four
(b) One or less
(c) As many as possible
(d) Two or three

2. What did Mowat cook for his guests?
(a) Roast duck with an apricot glaze
(b) Fish balls in sweet-and-sour sauce
(c) Fried mice with a crème sauce
(d) Barbequed caribou and canned peas

3. This chapter takes place during which month?
(a) October
(b) July
(c) August
(d) September

4. Why, according to Mowat, are the wolves taking a holiday?
(a) They usually rest at least one day a week
(b) They are resting before migrating South
(c) It's far too hot a day to go hunting
(d) They killed a caribou close to home

5. What study did Mowat take up after losing the Raunkiaer's Circle?
(a) He compared wolf and dog behavior
(b) He studied the wolf scats he'd collected
(c) He found a dead wolf and dissected it
(d) He did a survey on the number of ducks

6. In late June, Mowat observed the wolves doing what?
(a) Moving the pups to a new location
(b) Fighting off a group of foxes
(c) Attack and killing a caribou
(d) Visiting with another group of wolves

7. What parasite does Farley Mowat show to Ootek?
(a) An nest of maggots
(b) A sucker fish
(c) A large mosquito
(d) An inactive tapeworm

8. How many wolf-killed caribou did Farley Mowat examine?
(a) 57
(b) 17
(c) 27
(d) 67

9. How long do Albert and the Husky stay together?
(a) Over a month
(b) Only two days
(c) About a week
(d) A few hours

10. What was the estimate that Mowat finally came to regarding the wolf population?
(a) 300,000
(b) 30,000
(c) 300
(d) 3,000

11. What event does Mowat describe as a high point of the day?
(a) When the wolves gather in a circle and howl
(b) When the pups come out of the den to play
(c) When the wolves return to the den
(d) When Angeline hunts for mice in the grass

12. What did Ootek later tell him they were doing?
(a) Trying to hunt caribou
(b) Trying to save him
(c) Trying to scare him
(d) Trying to clothe him

13. Why do the pups run for their shelter?
(a) A kestrel screams nearby
(b) Mowat starts making noise
(c) A black bear lumbers by
(d) A raven passes overhead

14. What noise frightens Farley Mowat as he makes his last visit to the wolves' den?
(a) An airplane flying overhead
(b) Mike's dogs chasing a rabbit
(c) A wolf howling very close by
(d) Ice cracking in the river

15. According to Mowat, a rabid wolf wandered into what town in 1946?
(a) Ottawa
(b) Churchill
(c) Montreal
(d) Keewatin

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the three vegetation studies does Farley Mowat decide to undertake?

2. Mowat goes to view an alleged slaughter of deer by wolves in what location?

3. Where does Farley Mowat go to observe the pups?

4. From what direction does Ootek claim to hear wolf howls?

5. How many strange wolves arrive at the den while George and Albert are hunting?

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