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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of materials needed for the lupine project?
(a) Desiderata
(b) Procurements
(c) Necessities
(d) Essentials

2. What does Mowat most admire about the lead wolf's marking outside his marks?
(a) That he hit each mark exactly on the button
(b) That he did it on one tank of fuel
(c) That he did it with the speed of a jet
(d) That he covered all the ground and then some

3. Where do the wolves keep their meat cache?
(a) Just over a small hill
(b) In some boulders by the den
(c) Down near the river's edge
(d) About half a mile from the den

4. His radio has reached which country?
(a) Peru
(b) Mexico
(c) Sweden
(d) Norway

5. How many passengers is the aircraft designed to carry?
(a) Twenty
(b) Two
(c) Ten
(d) Thirty

6. What new equipment does Farley Mowat take with to observe the wolves?
(a) A cassette tape recorder
(b) A waterproof cushion
(c) A high-powered telescope
(d) A high-powered shotgun

7. Mowat trades a gallon of alcohol for what?
(a) A canoe
(b) A bathtub
(c) A tent
(d) A radio

8. How heavy can this subspecies of wolf be?
(a) 180 pounds
(b) 170 pounds
(c) 107 pounds
(d) 140 pounds

9. Why does Mowat stay awake so long?
(a) He's still adjusting to the light in the Arctic
(b) He can't get comfortable living in a small tent.
(c) He's afraid of missing something interesting
(d) He's afraid that he'll be attacked by animals

10. Name the expense that is being debited against his salary.
(a) A radiogram
(b) A broken canoe
(c) A pilot's fee
(d) A box of beer

11. What game does Mowat see the pups playing with Uncle Albert?
(a) King of the Hill
(b) Tag
(c) Hide and Go Seek
(d) Ring Around the Rosy

12. The Canis Lupis Project is the study of what animal?
(a) Grizzly Bears
(b) Red Wolves
(c) Coyotes
(d) Gray Wolves

13. On his second safari, what does Mowat carry?
(a) Wolf-juice
(b) Extra water
(c) Suntan lotion
(d) Mosquito repellent

14. His message is identified as coming from:
(a) Varley Monfat
(b) Marley Fonvat
(c) Farley Womat
(d) Fonley Momat

15. What, according to Ootek's story, was the last animal that Woman pulled out of the hole in the ice?
(a) A salmon
(b) A wolf
(c) A human
(d) A caribou

Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes Mowat's operations order?

2. His radio message was forwarded to whom?

3. Another source of food for the wolves is:

4. Mowat's radio has a range of how many miles?

5. Where does Mowat set up 150 mouse traps?

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