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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of his grandparents' house?
(a) Hedgewood
(b) Green Acres
(c) Greenhedges
(d) Greenhill

2. Scatology is the study of animal:
(a) Breeding
(b) Droppings
(c) Tracks
(d) Behavior

3. Mowat chooses which professional field?
(a) Biology
(b) Ecology
(c) Zoology
(d) Anthropology

4. What game does Mowat see the pups playing with Uncle Albert?
(a) Ring Around the Rosy
(b) Tag
(c) Hide and Go Seek
(d) King of the Hill

5. Where does Mowat first encounter a wolf?
(a) On an ice floe
(b) In the cabin
(c) In a cave
(d) On a ridge

6. What new equipment does Farley Mowat take with to observe the wolves?
(a) A high-powered telescope
(b) A waterproof cushion
(c) A high-powered shotgun
(d) A cassette tape recorder

7. Where does Mowat figure that the female wolf has disappeared to?
(a) Across the river
(b) Into a den
(c) Over a hill
(d) Behind a boulder

8. His radio message was forwarded to whom?
(a) His chief
(b) His professor
(c) His pilot
(d) His bartender

9. What gear is labeled "danger?"
(a) Grain alcohol
(b) Shotguns
(c) Grenades
(d) Smoke generators

10. The Deputy Minister wants to be called by which title?
(a) Sergeant
(b) Mister
(c) Chief
(d) Captain

11. The radio batteries are good for how long?
(a) Six hours
(b) Twelve hours
(c) Eight hours
(d) Twenty hours

12. Who trips the mouse traps?
(a) Farley Mowat
(b) Albert
(c) Angeline
(d) George

13. Why did Farley Mowat feel it was necessary to test his theories about wolves eating mice?
(a) Because mouse-lovers might get upset
(b) Because it was such a revolutionary idea
(c) Because he didn't believe the idea himself
(d) Because other wolves might eat other animals

14. Mowat stays in Churchill through what month?
(a) March
(b) June
(c) April
(d) May

15. Why does Mowat stay awake so long?
(a) He's afraid of missing something interesting
(b) He's still adjusting to the light in the Arctic
(c) He's afraid that he'll be attacked by animals
(d) He can't get comfortable living in a small tent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mowat show to Mike?

2. What, according to Mowat are the most bloodthirsty beats in the Arctic?

3. When did the pilot promise to return?

4. How much territory do they cover in a nightly hunt, according to Farley Mowat's estimates?

5. Where does Mowat set up 150 mouse traps?

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