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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mowat's radio has a range of how many miles?
(a) 80 miles
(b) 60 miles
(c) 20 miles
(d) 40 miles

2. Who is Kaila?
(a) Mike's girlfriend
(b) Ootek's father
(c) The God of the Sky
(d) The Eskimo name for Wolf

3. What best describes Mowat's operations order?
(a) Specific
(b) Secretive
(c) Lucrative
(d) Unspecific

4. The radio batteries are good for how long?
(a) Twenty hours
(b) Twelve hours
(c) Eight hours
(d) Six hours

5. There, Mowat encounters:
(a) Some vicious fish
(b) An old trapper
(c) Some hungry mice
(d) A curious wolf cub

6. He is directed to survey which species?
(a) Canis nubilis
(b) Canis lupus
(c) Canis rufus
(d) Canis familiaris

7. On his second safari, what does Mowat carry?
(a) Extra water
(b) Wolf-juice
(c) Mosquito repellent
(d) Suntan lotion

8. What piece of equipment has Mowat forgotten on his walk?
(a) Pocket compass
(b) Rifle
(c) Water bottle
(d) Sunglasses

9. According to Ootek, when he was five, his father:
(a) Took him on a two-thousand mile dogsled trip
(b) Left home forever, leaving him with his grandfather
(c) Left him in a wolf den for twenty-four hours
(d) Made him survive in the wilderness for a week

10. What does Mowat most admire about the lead wolf's marking outside his marks?
(a) That he hit each mark exactly on the button
(b) That he did it on one tank of fuel
(c) That he covered all the ground and then some
(d) That he did it with the speed of a jet

11. What is the pilot's dream?
(a) To escape from the city
(b) To forget about war
(c) To start his own airline
(d) To discover new territory

12. How long was Mowat given to submit his first progress report?
(a) Two months
(b) Two weeks
(c) Six weeks
(d) A month

13. When did the pilot promise to return?
(a) Next year
(b) In the spring
(c) At the full moon
(d) In the fall

14. The diameter of the wolf paw prints are how large?
(a) Three inches
(b) Six inches
(c) Five inches
(d) Four inches

15. What kind wolf has Mowat seen?
(a) Red
(b) Gray
(c) Timber
(d) Arctic

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mike's attitude toward Mowat?

2. Mowat's field professor is an expert on which rodent?

3. The following day, Mowat investigates what?

4. Mowat's first report on wolves to his department was written while he was:

5. What language does Mowat hear on his radio?

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