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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Mowat first encounter a wolf?
(a) On an ice floe
(b) In a cave
(c) On a ridge
(d) In the cabin

2. The plane flew at what altitude?
(a) 300 feet
(b) 600 feet
(c) 500 feet
(d) 400 feet

3. The last view that Mowat has of the wolves in this chapter is:
(a) Two wolves fighting over some meat.
(b) A wolf eating the body of a caribou.
(c) A wolf settling down into a nap.
(d) The wolf staring threateningly at him.

4. Where do the wolves keep their meat cache?
(a) About half a mile from the den
(b) Down near the river's edge
(c) In some boulders by the den
(d) Just over a small hill

5. In order to avoid detection, Mowat sets his observation point:
(a) Downwind of the wolves.
(b) Behind a grove of trees.
(c) Inside a convenient cave.
(d) Across the river from the den.

6. What is Mowat's first salary?
(a) $150 a month
(b) $200 a month
(c) $100 a month
(d) $120 a month

7. The radio batteries are good for how long?
(a) Eight hours
(b) Twelve hours
(c) Twenty hours
(d) Six hours

8. What, according to the Government agencies, was the cause of plunge in caribou populations?
(a) Global warming
(b) Human hunters
(c) Pollution
(d) Arctic Wolves

9. Scatology is the study of animal:
(a) Behavior
(b) Tracks
(c) Droppings
(d) Breeding

10. Who trips the mouse traps?
(a) Farley Mowat
(b) Albert
(c) George
(d) Angeline

11. How many passengers is the aircraft designed to carry?
(a) Thirty
(b) Two
(c) Ten
(d) Twenty

12. What did Ootek give to Mowat after dinner?
(a) Two chicken eggs
(b) A caribou steak
(c) Five thrush eggs
(d) A dead chicken

13. Mike takes Mowat where?
(a) To another valley
(b) To his cabin
(c) To his family
(d) To Churchill

14. What is the name of his radio call sign?
(a) Lil' Abner
(b) Blondie
(c) Bumstead
(d) Daisy Mae

15. The diameter of the wolf paw prints are how large?
(a) Three inches
(b) Five inches
(c) Six inches
(d) Four inches

Short Answer Questions

1. If a wolf bites, what should Mowat do, according to a woman in Churchill?

2. The Department of Mines and Resources wants to save what species?

3. As a child, Farley Wowat lives in which Canadian city?

4. Who or what is Amorak?

5. The pilot landed on what terrain?

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