Never Cry Wolf Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What incident stated Farley Mowat on his future career as a biologist?

He rescued some dying catfish and put them in a toilet for safekeeping.

2. How did Mowat's grandmother react to his wildlife project?

She reacted with fear and had the catfish killed.

3. Why is Mowat sent to study the wolves?

In order to provide proof that they are destroying caribou populations.

4. What happened to the former chief of the Department?

He was forced to resign after claiming the humans, not wolves, were responsible for the dramatic decrease in caribou populations.

5. What was the purpose of the tear-gas grenades that Farley Mowat was equipped with?

To force wolves out of their dens.

6. What rumor went around Churchill about Mowat's "real" purpose for being in the area?

That he was spying on Russians while floating around on an ice floe.

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