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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Another source of food for the wolves is:
(a) Northern pike
(b) Ling cod
(c) Rainbow trout
(d) Chinook Salmon

2. What did Ootek later tell him they were doing?
(a) Trying to clothe him
(b) Trying to scare him
(c) Trying to hunt caribou
(d) Trying to save him

3. In order to avoid detection, Mowat sets his observation point:
(a) Behind a grove of trees.
(b) Inside a convenient cave.
(c) Across the river from the den.
(d) Downwind of the wolves.

4. His message is identified as coming from:
(a) Fonley Momat
(b) Farley Womat
(c) Varley Monfat
(d) Marley Fonvat

5. When did the pilot promise to return?
(a) In the fall
(b) Next year
(c) At the full moon
(d) In the spring

Short Answer Questions

1. The Canis Lupis Project is the study of what animal?

2. What is the name of Mike's dog that Mowat uses in his experiment?

3. What happens to Mike's cabin in the spring?

4. How does George play a joke on Albert?

5. What does Mike do when Ootek tells him about the wolves' message?

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