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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If a wolf bites, what should Mowat do, according to a woman in Churchill?
(a) Play dead
(b) Bite back
(c) Spray pepper
(d) Run away

2. What does Mowat show to Mike?
(a) Photo supplies
(b) Scientific equipment
(c) Ammunition
(d) Family pictures

3. What does the pilot wear?
(a) A leather helmet
(b) A fur jacket
(c) A silk scarf
(d) A decorated vest

4. How often to the wolves mark their territory?
(a) Once a month
(b) Once a day
(c) Twice a month
(d) Once a week

5. The Department of Mines and Resources wants to save what species?
(a) Wolves
(b) Deer
(c) Groundhogs
(d) Salmon

Short Answer Questions

1. The air flight to Churchill is completed in what weather conditions?

2. What does the pilot from Yelllowknife look like?

3. What new equipment does Farley Mowat take with to observe the wolves?

4. Who is Kaila?

5. The last view that Mowat has of the wolves in this chapter is:

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