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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mike lives alone in how many square miles?
(a) 5,000
(b) 10,000
(c) 500
(d) 1,000

2. What does Farley Mowat NOT take with him to his new location?
(a) A tea kettle
(b) A weapon
(c) A sleeping bag
(d) A stewpot

3. What new equipment does Farley Mowat take with to observe the wolves?
(a) A high-powered shotgun
(b) A waterproof cushion
(c) A high-powered telescope
(d) A cassette tape recorder

4. What is Mowat counting to get to sleep?
(a) Sheep
(b) Numbers
(c) Wolves
(d) Mice

5. What does the pilot wear?
(a) A silk scarf
(b) A leather helmet
(c) A fur jacket
(d) A decorated vest

Short Answer Questions

1. How many pilots were available in Churchill by the time Mowat arrived?

2. Why does the plane have trouble taking off?

3. How much territory do they cover in a nightly hunt, according to Farley Mowat's estimates?

4. What is Mike's attitude toward Mowat?

5. Where does he put the animals?

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