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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What piece of equipment has Mowat forgotten on his walk?
(a) Pocket compass
(b) Sunglasses
(c) Rifle
(d) Water bottle

2. How does the pilot from Yellowknife land?
(a) With a splash
(b) With no tail
(c) With an open door
(d) On one ski

3. What does Mowat do when he hears the wolf howl?
(a) He runs for the cabin
(b) He slides clumsily down the esker
(c) He gets his shotgun out and cocks it
(d) He immediately plays

4. The diameter of the wolf paw prints are how large?
(a) Five inches
(b) Four inches
(c) Three inches
(d) Six inches

5. How far did the pilot fly to Mowat's base?
(a) 300 miles
(b) 500 miles
(c) 400 miles
(d) 600 miles

Short Answer Questions

1. How long do Albert and the Husky stay together?

2. How did Uncle Albert relieve Farley Mowat's boredom during the summer?

3. How many caribou is a wolf pack likely to kill on a single hunt?

4. Who is Kaila?

5. According to Ootek, the wolves eat what in addition to mice?

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