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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Farley Mowat NOT take with him to his new location?
(a) A tea kettle
(b) A weapon
(c) A sleeping bag
(d) A stewpot

2. What did Ootek give to Mowat after dinner?
(a) A dead chicken
(b) A caribou steak
(c) Five thrush eggs
(d) Two chicken eggs

3. Why did Farley Mowat feel it was necessary to test his theories about wolves eating mice?
(a) Because other wolves might eat other animals
(b) Because he didn't believe the idea himself
(c) Because mouse-lovers might get upset
(d) Because it was such a revolutionary idea

4. Mowat stays in Churchill through what month?
(a) June
(b) March
(c) May
(d) April

5. What best describes Mowat's operations order?
(a) Lucrative
(b) Unspecific
(c) Specific
(d) Secretive

Short Answer Questions

1. To get to their hunting grounds, what direction must the wolves travel from their den?

2. Where does Mowat figure that the female wolf has disappeared to?

3. His message is identified as coming from:

4. The following day, Mowat investigates what?

5. Name the expense that is being debited against his salary.

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