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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Ootek's story, what happened to a litter of orphaned wolf cubs?
(a) They were taken in by Ootek and his dogs
(b) They were adopted by another pair of wolves
(c) They died from starvation after two weeks
(d) They were sold to a white trapper

2. On his second safari, what does Mowat carry?
(a) Mosquito repellent
(b) Extra water
(c) Suntan lotion
(d) Wolf-juice

3. Mowat trades a gallon of alcohol for what?
(a) A canoe
(b) A tent
(c) A radio
(d) A bathtub

4. Why does the plane have trouble taking off?
(a) A faulty engine
(b) A broken wing
(c) A drunken pilot
(d) Frozen skis

5. How often to the wolves mark their territory?
(a) Twice a month
(b) Once a day
(c) Once a week
(d) Once a month

Short Answer Questions

1. Mowat planned to test his theory by:

2. Mowat confesses that he didn't believe Ootek's story until what happens?

3. The last view that Mowat has of the wolves in this chapter is:

4. To get to their hunting grounds, what direction must the wolves travel from their den?

5. What does the pilot call his plane?

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