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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

As a child Farley Mowat was fascinated by animals. This lesson explores ways for students to discover a similar interest in natural sciences.


1) Divide the class into three groups. Using biology books, have each group choose a particular animal species on which to make a report Ask one person from the group to present the final report.

2) From material found on Northern Canada have the students make a list of as many species of birds, fish and mammals as they can find.

3) Ask the students to pick a narrow, specialized field of study from the material they have found. Remind them that in the book one amateur mammologist was an expert on summer fur molt of gophers. Let them write their choice on a slip of paper, collect them and then read them to the class.

4) Contact the local Audubon Society, zoo or other...

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