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Chapter 1

• Young Farley Mowat decides to become a naturalist after trying to rescue some dying catfish.

• Mowat is assigned to study wolves.

• Mowat departs on his assignment.

Chapter 2

• The air transport is loaded with Mowat's gear.

• Mowat arrives in Churchill.

• While waiting for another plane, Mowat learns more about wolves.

Chapter 3

• A pilot agrees to transport Mowat to the wilderness.

• The pilot leaves Mowat on an icy lake.

Chapter 4

• Mowat tries to make radio contact with his chief.

• The wolf pack Mowat fears is surrounding him turns out to be a team of Huskies.

Chapter 5

• Mowat meets Mike and is taken to Mike's cabin.

• Mowat shows Mike his scientific equipment.

• Mike harnesses his dogs and leaves.

• Mowat canoes to a ridge and sees his first wolf.

Chapter 6

• Mowat tracks the wolf to an esker.

• Mowat retreats when the wolf presents a threatening appearance.

Chapter 7

• Mowat observes the wolve's...

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