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Tsitsi Dangarembga
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who claims that Babamukuru is beating Nyasha because she is a girl?

2. After the wedding, how long is Anna given off so Tambu can complete the household chores?

3. Which of the following topics does Nyasha frequently discuss in her letters to Tambu?

4. Which of the following is the same about Ma'Shingayi and Lucia at the time when Tambu comes to visit?

5. Which of the following food items turns green when it cannot be refrigerated, but is still served to guests?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tambu feel about her parents' impending wedding ceremony?

2. How does Tambu react when Lucia announces that she is leaving the homestead for good?

3. How does Tambu feel about having to return to the homestead to visit her family for Christmas?

4. How does Babamukuru propose to deal with the evil that has been following his family?

5. How does Lucia rouse Ma'Shingayi from her depression?

6. How does Ma'Shingayi feel about Tambu winning the scholarship?

7. How do Nyasha's parents react to the dress she wears to the Christmas dance?

8. What is Maiguru responsible for during the trip to the homestead, and how does she react to this responsibility?

9. What part about studying makes Nyasha most nervous, and how does she combat those nerves?

10. What does Nyasha find most strange about the white people who live at the mission?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the novel, Tambu is concerned with progress and hopes to find "liberation" at the Sacred Heart school. What does Tambu hope to be "liberated" from? How does this compare/contrast to the way Nyasha feels they will be "trapped"? By the end of the story, how has Tambu's attitude toward liberation and "white progress" changed?

Essay Topic 2

The male characters in the novel all have similar reactions to the role of women in their homes. First, create a list of male characters in the novel and briefly explain each of their attitudes toward women in the home. Then explain some of the special, sometimes burdensome, responsibilities of successful men in the family.

Essay Topic 3

Jeremiah, Tambu's father, is an interesting male character. First, physically describe Jeremiah and compare/contrast his physicality to his brother, Babamukuru. Then explain how Jeremiah makes a living in the village and why he is so dependent on his brother.

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