Objects & Places from Nervous Conditions

Tsitsi Dangarembga
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Object Descriptions

Sigauke - This is the main character's family, or last, name.

Nyamarira - This is the name of the river that runs through the village in which the main character grew up.

Truckshop - This is the term used to denote any store, including those that sell bread, tea, sugar, jam, salt, cooking oil, matches, candles, paraffin and soap as well as Fanta, Coca-Cola and a vanilla perfume.

Nhodo - This is a game in which a child throws a stone into the air, picks up other stones on the ground and catches the first stone before it reaches the ground.

Chipinge - This is the city in which the main character's ancestors were from, and where they learned how to tend a garden.

Umtali - This is the city in which the main character attempts to sell mealies, trying to earn enough money to pay for...

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