Nervous Conditions Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tsitsi Dangarembga
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Chapters One and Two

• Tambu and her brother, Nhamo, walk to and from school together. Tambu really loves the journey, but Nhamo complains. It becomes clear that Nhamo is much more spoiled than his younger sister.

• Tambu discusses the watering holes where everyone in their village swims. The men and women swim separately, but the children are completely unrestricted. Tambu relishes her courage to swim in the deep holes.

• Nhamo has stopped coming home from school when there is a break. One day in November, Tambu is preparing a meal for her brother's return. She has decided to make the meal early, so her mother can rest.

• Tambu has been working hard in the fields because, at the age of 7, the age at which Uncle Babamukuru has deemed the children old enough to attend school, there is no money left over for her tuition after the family pays...

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