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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Seven, what lesson does Dave recall from Vietnam?

2. What is Dave first answer when Annie asks him what is wrong in Chapter Six?

3. Who or what are Papa Celestin and Sharky Bonnano that the author mentions in Chapter One?

4. How does Dave survive Fitzpatrick's fate?

5. To whom is Cletus' wife sending their money?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Dave first begins tailing Cletus, he notices that Cletus is hung over and apparently has a real problem with alcohol. What does Dave predict for Cletus's day?

2. What concoction does Bobby Joe feed to Dave in Chapter Seven, and why?

3. Andres is brought to Dave's houseboat in Chapter Nine by Didi Gee's men. Where has Dave seen Andres before?

4. Why is Dave suspicious of the Cataouatche Parish deputies who pull him over?

5. What does Didi Gee suggest the dead girl was doing before being killed?

6. What does Dave do with the the glass from which the Nicaraguan is drinking, and why?

7. What is known about the contract killer?

8. What was Dave's father's feelings about guns?

9. What is Fitzpatrick's theory about what Segura is doing?

10. What does Dave learn about his partner from Julio Segura?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

"The Neon Rain" begins when Dave Robicheaux visits Angola penitentiary. The person he visits is hours away from execution, and there are groups both for and against his execution at the gate. Discuss what feelings or opinions Dave has about the death penalty in general and the man who is being executed.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Dave's observation that "when these guys ceased to fill a need for somebody else, they would be taken off the board."

Essay Topic 3

In Chapter 2, the reader is introduced to Annie Ballard. Describe what you know about her, what you suspect, and what role you believe she will play in "The Neon Rain."

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