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Short Answer Questions

1. Over what lake in New Orleans do Dave and Cletus drive after leaving Segura's?

2. Rumor has it that who owns an aquarium filled with piranha?

3. What name do the three men in Chapter Three call Dave?

4. Whom does Dave question at headquarters about the dead girl?

5. Where does Dave find Bobby Joe Starkweather in Chapter Seven?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dave sometimes thinks of whom as his "father's misplaced seed"?

2. Describe Sam Fitzpatrick as seen in Chapter Three?

3. What piece of advice does Dave recall from his father in Chapter Seven?

4. Why does Johnny, a criminal, want to give Dave, a cop, information? What information does he give him?

5. When and how does the reader first find out about Dave's time in Vietnam?

6. Discuss Cletus' marital problems.

7. What jobs did the Robicheaux brothers have in their youth?

8. What concoction does Bobby Joe feed to Dave in Chapter Seven, and why?

9. What happens to Dave after he has been given the cocktail?

10. What clues make Dave suspicious of the Cataouatche Parish sheriff?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 11, Captain Guidry mentions "hubris" as "that word they use when they're talking about characters in Shakespeare's plays." Hubris is similar to pride. Research and write about the origin of "hubris." Is the term the same as or slightly different from pride? Why does the author choose to mention this in this book? How does it apply?

Essay Topic 2

Write about other meanings, besides the obvious physical one, that this statement at the end of Chapter 5 might have: "Then my trio of friends squeezed the remaining air out of my chest, the blood out of my ear, the light from my eyes."

Essay Topic 3

By Chapter 2, the reader is introduced to two police officers, one who currently works in vice, and the other who used to work there. According to Dave, things never went well when he "had to deal with the people in vice." Discuss the impression you get about the type of people who work in vice. Be sure to discuss both Sergeant Motley and Cletus Purcel.

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