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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Five, who says he is on a short leash?

2. According to Dave, what is a busthead boilermaker?

3. What happens when Bobby Joe forces the mixture down Dave's throat in Chapter Six?

4. To whom does Dave initially go for information about finding Bobby Joe Starkweather?

5. What name do the three men in Chapter Three call Dave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dave learn in Chapter Five that is related to the execution of Johnny Messina.

2. What happens when Dave is fishing on Bayou Lafourche in Cataouatche Parish?

3. Dave sometimes thinks of whom as his "father's misplaced seed"?

4. Why does Johnny, a criminal, want to give Dave, a cop, information? What information does he give him?

5. What does Dave do to convince Annie Ballard that he is a New Orleans's cop?

6. What jobs did the Robicheaux brothers have in their youth?

7. Where, and with whom, does Dave greet the dawn at the beginning of Chapter Seven?

8. What piece of advice does Dave recall from his father in Chapter Seven?

9. What does Dave learn about his partner from Julio Segura?

10. Discuss Cletus' marital problems.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"The Neon Rain" begins when Dave Robicheaux visits Angola penitentiary. The person he visits is hours away from execution, and there are groups both for and against his execution at the gate. Discuss what feelings or opinions Dave has about the death penalty in general and the man who is being executed.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 2, the reader is introduced to Annie Ballard. Describe what you know about her, what you suspect, and what role you believe she will play in "The Neon Rain."

Essay Topic 3

By Chapter 2, the reader is introduced to two police officers, one who currently works in vice, and the other who used to work there. According to Dave, things never went well when he "had to deal with the people in vice." Discuss the impression you get about the type of people who work in vice. Be sure to discuss both Sergeant Motley and Cletus Purcel.

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